Facebook finally.

1:03 PM

As promised, I finally made a facebook account like after my As. I know, I must be one of the last people in the world who didn't have one.

Me and Africa.

Even my aunties have them, lah. But I didn't want to 'cos I know I'll be addicted to it (at least that was what everyone said) and I am already so distracted with the com. facebook would make it worse. So, I made a decision to only do it after As, so that I can keep in touch with everyone. So, it's done. I don't really see what's so exciting about it, really. But maybe that's 'cos I don't really know how to fully use it yet. So, I dunno.

Anyway, I AM SO UPSET with my HAIR!! I can't believe the colour turned out this way. I wanted a 'Light Golden Brown', like really light but it turned out 'Dark Golden Brown'. Emphasis on the DARK. Stupid dye bottle. I should've gone with an even brighter colour if I had known it would be so dark. So, I am contemplating to re-dye my hair, which I'm afraid will totally destroy it. I don't want my hair to be completely FRIED, but my hair colour now is practically NO DIFFERENT from before and it's so ANNOYING. What a waste of my money, lahh!!

Okay, I think I'll just wait afew days before re-dyeing it. A lighter, brighter colour. And then i'll just deep condition my hair to the max. We'll see how it goes.

I'm gonna start packing now! =) Talk to y'all later!

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