8:14 PM

Can you believe that it's all finally over?! All that studying and suffering and torture, all over!! Words cannot describe my feeling right now. It feels like all the burden I've shouldered since I stepped into junior college has been lifted and now I've got an extra spring in my step.

It feels weird a little 'cos I don't have to rush home to cram anymore. I have so much time. Although the last paper wasn't all that great, in fact, I'm really worried about all my papers. A'levels turned out to be alot harder than expected. I feel really awful after most of the papers. At least for O'levels I had at least some confidence in myself, but this time, I have barely any. The worst of them all had to be econs which was horrible to the max...

Okay, you know what? I'm not gonna linger and moan about this anymore. It's over, I can't do anything about it anymore, my fate is sealed. So, I'll just get over it now and just enjoy my FREEDOM.

For now.

The moment the paper was over I rushed off to northpoint and got myself HAIRDYE!! I MISS THE SMELL OF HAIRDYE!! Finally, I can choose WHATEVER shade I want. No matter how ridiculous. I CAN DO IT. I was so tempted to just go all out bond, but I will look freaky since my face cannot pull it off, so I choose a really light golden brown colour. I won't be bleaching my hair though, so the colour would be darker than stated in the box. Whatever, I don't really care. It just FEELS great to dye my hair and care about how I look again. I've stopped going to the salon or any clothing store 'cos I didn't really see the point since I'll be too busy mugging in school with my hair tied up in a bun/ponytail. But now, I should start caring about how I look. And try losing some weight too. I gained weight after all the snack I consumed while studying. So, I should probably fix that before prom, if possible. Though I doubt it.

And I'm gonna pierce my ear. And paint my nails. I just bought a gorgeous, ridiculous super blue nail polish and a green and yellow one too. I know, they are crazy colours but I don't really care now. I just wanna do all the things which I caouldn't do before.


'Cos I can.

Tonight, I'll be watching three movies and staying up all night. And tomorrow, I'm thinking of dumping all my notes into the recycling bin which will instantly clear up my room. I have papers every freakin' where. I should also start packing soon. I'll be leavin' for Indonesia on Monday for a holiday with my family for about 7 - 8 days. I am so excited to do some shopping there and to get away from Singapore. We'll be going to Bandung so, I am DEFINITELY looking forward to all the natural scenery and the spas which we will be visiting. I cannot wait to just relax in the spa and forget about the world.

Anyway, I know some of my friends are still struggling out there. Don't worry, it will be over soon! You guys can get through this and the freedom will taste even sweeter.

Okay, I'm off to do some online shopping. Something I haven't done in a while 'cos I was so deprived. See y'all!! =)

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