A lit miracle

7:00 PM

A sort of miracle happened today. Haha!

I don't really know how it went down but somehow I managed to pass my poetry for the identity paper 5. It's a total miracle I tell you. I had barely half and hour for it 'cos I couldn't think of anything to write. I couldn't do the other question 'cos I couldn't understand that even more. I was so depserate by that time, I just wrote whatever that came to my head and just winging it. Trying to scavange for at least SOMETHING lit to write down. I only managed one and half page (yes, 1 measly piece of paper). I thought for sure, knowing how ruthless Agnes Soh (my poetry lit teacher) marks people, I would fail. For sure, 100%.

And then TADA! Miracle of all miracles I actually PASSED!! I'm so happy about that! Thank you, God. This would never have happened in normal circumstances.

Weekends are here! Finally. But it seems like the weekends are so unbelievably short. And I think I might not be able to have my sleepover after all. Which I'm really upset about... So my weekends are ruined this week.

I'm gonna go watch 'Handsome Suit' to make myself feel better. BTW, it's like the best show ever! Super funny! Laughed till I cried the last I watched it. Highly recommended. Eventhough the plot sounds really stupid, it's not so bad. I only hate the wedding, which made me go wtf. STILL, I'm gonna go watch it now.

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