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Salt to the wound of prelims
8:52 PM
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Went out with Jen today! Finally after eons and eons. I'm really glad that I've got a friend who is going through the exact same thing as me. She completely understands how I feel and I understand how she feels. We'll get through the As together, Jen! Don't worry!

The prelims results are depressing.

It's like all that hard work is coming to nothing. I really wanna see at least SOME results in all the work that I put in. I hope I see it soon...

I searched high and low in Kinokuniya for the book 'Diary of Kitou Aya' which was made into the japanese drama series 'One Litre of Tears'. It's like my favourite drama series ever. It's so inspiring and really gets me going when I'm down and out. I found out that there was an english translation for it. So, I searched high and low, nowhere to be found. I'm gonna try and get in online. I have to get it no matter what and whatever the cost. I want it so badly.

Also, I heard that my Epik High CD is coming soon!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!! It's all thanks to my aunt who helped me out alot in getting it. Thank God, I have awesome relatives. =D

Besides that, it's school as per normal, only with the added depression from prelim results. But at least I've got a sleepover this saturday! Tarachan is sleeping over at my place. We are gonna partay till the break of dawn. More like laze around and chill actually. But that's cool too.