Hari Raya '09

7:45 PM

YES! The prelims are over. Finally.

It seriously felt like it has been months and months of nothing but exams but it has only been afew weeks. And it feels weird but nice that when I came home today I don't have to rush through tons of notes and cram myself to death (although I did have tuition after today's paper). Which reminds me, yes, I did have a paper today. And yes, it is a saturday.

The paper wasn't all that good either 'cos I spent too much time on the essay portion and barely have time for the DRQs. I had 15mins left to do like one whole DRQ questions with 4 parts to it and I needed to pee SO BADLY. Like my bladder was bursting. I tried to meditate and be calm, think about the question but it was IMPOSSIBLE so I had to RUSH to the toilet with less than 15mins left!! Crazy. I ran back like a maniac and tried to answer as many as I can. I won't leave anything blank for the prelims. I'm not asking for a death sentence pls. But it was so slipshot. I hated that it was so rushed. DARN MY SMALL BLADDER!!!

But whatever. It's over. And I can't do anything about it anymore. I just hope to at the very least pass all my H2 and do well for my GP. I pray to pass my math but the paper was really trashy so, I think that one, I am most likely to fail for sure.

Anyway, it's hari raya season. Or sort of for me. I didn't really manage to celebrate much seeing as the prelims are smack in the middle of everything. But I did take a day off the books (sort of, I read notes along the way) on hari raya itself to dress up and chat with my cousins. I'm really happy this year 'cos my dear cousin, Lulu Alhaddad, who is a designer (she appeared alot in the papers recently) gave me one of her clothes, which she designed. It's really pretty! She designs Traditional and contemporary Arab Clothing and I recently helped her in her fashion show which was REALLY gorgeous 'cos I would wear every single ONE of her clothings. She's so cool, lah. Anyway, I got to wear her design this year so, I'm really happy about it.

And then I ate tons of food and played with my nephews. My mum makes THE BEST COOKIES and Hari Raya TREATS EVER. EVER. PERIOD. I swear, this is why I don't lose ANY weight even after fasting for an entire month. I only went to one house, 'cos I had to rush home to mug. =( But other than that, it was still pretty good. Okay, okay! PICTURE TIME!!

Okay! Here's how my outfit looked like this year. It's an Arab costume and it's like a one-piece long dress kinda thing. It's much more elaborate than it looks with beadings in the middle section and the fabric is like OMG so heavy 'cos of the lining and all. But it was worth it. =) I wouldn't wear pink usually. But I think it's not so bad.

My sis and I camwhored a little before we went off. The dress that she's wearing is also designed by my cousin. We got them completely free. I feel so lucky that I have talented cousins. Haha! My sis has a japanese haircut now. I love making fun of her! =P

Look at my cute nephew!! He is the cutest and has like the hottest hairstyle. It's like a beetles bowl cut but it's so cute on him 'cos his hair is really thick and soft and straight. He should be a hair model, like seriously. And his eyelashes are like a MILE long. Which just makes me even more jealous.

Why is it that guys always have longer and thicker lashes than me?! Grr.

Before I go, I wanna show another one of my cousin's designs of a traditional Arab costume, complete with the head-dress. It one of the ones that I wore in her fashion show. And it's like my favourite one, I think it's SO gorgeous. So, I'll just show you THIS one, 'cos I realize that I might look narcistic if I have all these pics of myself.

TADA! It's a two piece actually. I can take of that Bronze outer layer and just wear the dress inside which would still have looked fabulous. I love the colour so much!

Okay, so that's it. That was how I spent my Hari Raya. Now, I don't really have much to do except to take a little break from studying and GO OUT alittle 'cos God Knows I haven't seen the sun for ages. I can now go out without feeling so incredibly guilty. I know the study solitude will be back in full swing as the A's are like right there at my doorstep, and I really can't afford to screw this one up, seeing as my entire future is on the line.

Any good movies out now?? I kinda dunno what's out and what's good anymore.
I feel like watching a movie really badly now.

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