9:51 PM

My week is finally over!

It feels like I'm in the middle of a war and it's a moment of cease fire. And it's a moment to reload my bullets and regain my sanity for a split second.

I felt very insecure about my lit paper seeing as lit was once my best subject and now is one of my worst. It is extremely worrying for me how JC can just turn everything upside-down. I never how the teachers are gonna mark my papers 'cos it's so subjective and my perception of a certain point might be considered a 'gross misreading' as they would say but then again, how can it be a misinterpretation when that is hoe I chose to interpret the text. Isn't it subjective? But apparently there ARE right and wrong answers in lit. At least there are now. So, I have no idea how I'll do for the paper, 'cos it's not like I had nothing to write. But the teachers might thinkthat I'm writing rubbish.

This time it was really strange. I felt like 3 hours was taking forever to pass by. I felt as though I had SO MUCH time and I even ghad time to finish one essay in one hour which is something I don't usually do. I dunno if this is a good sign or not but I finished around 10 mins before the official end of the paper. I was already tying up my scripts while around me people were madly rushing their essays.

I was like, "Omg. You have to write something else." But I was racking my brains, which obviously stopped functioning at that point and I couldn't think of ANYTHING ELSE to write. I'm really afraid I wrote too little points. =(

But whatever, the moment's over and I now have to concentrate on the next half of my battle and my next sets of papers which are really demanding seeing as they're all 3 hour essay papers.

Hari Raya is this sunday... Do I feel happy? Sad? Pissed off that it's smack in the middle of everything? Not really. I just don't feel like it's a celebration any more. At least not this year.

2009 sucks eggs.

Right now, I am just really happy about one thing. Epik high's new album is finally out! I have been waiting for it since their last project, 'Remixing the Human Soul' which totally rocked. I am SO BUYING the album 'cos I am so absolutely in love with them. All of them. Especially Mithra Jin, who's voice is like sex to me. It just melts everything. [e] is the album title and 'wannabe' their title track is so catchy and awesome. I am so in love with their music.

[e]scape... I am in desperate need of it.

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