9:04 PM

Alrighty. I am okay now.

I spent about four hours on the com trying to figure out how to configure my memory card and keep the corrupted files. I managed to get a few of the photos we took though some were distorted and chopped off. Like if it's a picture of a face then, the rest is chopped except the ear or smth like that. But no matter. I'm happy I managed to use my new tech skills and save some of them.

I wonder how everyone's doing with their mid-year mugging. I bet most of them are burying themselves in books as we speak. I hate studying on weekends. It's like trash. Today, I ended up waking up late, eating sushi and playing marvel Vs capcom on my com.

yes, I am screwed.

I'm just really BAD at disciplining myself to sit down by myself and stare at the notes, attempting to absorb it. I always need someone to spur me on and do work with me. It's really hard to that at home with my sis on the com and the TV on. It's like torture. Plus, I spent most of my holidays watching dramas and getting back to my anime roots. Woah, I almost forgot how much I love animes. I finished the entire Ouran High School Host Club season. And God, the ending was really good, I guess but also really VAGUE. Really wishing for a season two to clear things up, but there isn't gonna be one, unfortunately. And I'm kinda lazy to read the manga. So, I'll just leave it to my imagination.

Btw, Ouran is super effing funny. Like laugh out loud kind of funny. Highly recommended and an awesome way to de-stress!

My favourite characters: Tamaki and Honey-senpai (respectively)! And no, they are NOT the same people. Don't ask me why they both happen to be blondes. I don't particularly have a thing for them but... I wonder if I subconciously favour blonde dudes...

Now, I'm gonna re-watch the entire season of Gundam Seed (NOT Destiny). There's like 51 episodes so, I'm planning to take my time... But we all know what's gonna happen. I'll probably end up spending two days watching the entire season in one go.



Karaoke-ing with the girls. BEST thing EVER. "She wouldn't stop, made it drop, shawty did that pop and lock... APPLE BOTTOM JEANS, BOOTS WITH THE FUR!!"

We rocked.

Diy! (woah, intense stare)

Sharleen with her new hair style which does not suck as she so desperately claimed. Yes, I am sorry to disappoint you, Sharl, it DOES NOT SUCK. Makes you look CUTE. So, HAH, in your face!

Me, sulking at them 'cos they were making fun of me and my dirty pants 'cos I was sitting on the STUPID grass. My pants looked like they've been shat/shitted on. Thanks God, Diy had a sling bag to cover it up.

죽도록 사랑합니다!

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