Damn Technology

4:58 PM

Let me tell you about my life and how God loves to play around with it.

Yesterday, I had the best time ever with my BFFs, Sharleen and Diy. We took a whole lot of awesome pictures with the camera which I just recently found the charger for and was extremely happy about that. The pictures were so great I wanted to keep them and maybe post afew today.

Today, tried to open the xD picture card and then somehow it didn't respond. TRIED EVERY SINGLE SHITTY THING to somehow get the pictures. I tried to even download some card recovery softwares. But unfortunately for me, they are all TRIALS. I have been working on it for THREE EFFING HOURS and still NOTHING. The only way apparently for me to be able to use the card ever again is to format it. Which would mean that all my photos, which I have yet to transfer to my com, all the photos will be gone and deleted.

It was as if yesterday never happened.

I just wasted three hours of my study time on this shit.

I just wasted the best pictures ever.
I am so upset, right now. I can't even think straight.

So fucking upset...

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