Flashback Issues.

7:30 PM

As I was trying to study some geography (the syllabus is CRAZY, btw. Honestly, TWO three-hour papers are insane. Who in the hell even thought of putting us through such a thing? Assholes.), I was scribbling in my super cool notebook which looks like a some expensive art book when I remembered a funny moment that distracted me for while.

(Me and Diy shopping around Artfriend)
Me: These notebooks and sketchpads are so pretty, lah. The designs rock.
Diy: Yeah, look at this one! No. Tes. Is that spanish?
Me: ...It's NOTES, dude. The design just separated the syllables.
Diy: Ohh...
(cue us bursting into laughter and annoying the sales person)

Ahh... Good old times.

Flashback over. And all I'm left with is this INCREDIBLE fear that I am WAY behind on my mugging 'cos I am sure that the rest of the Singaporean teen population in J2 are mugging their asses off being all disciplined and shit, unlike ME. Darn, you over-achieving assholes. I have completely wasted my entire two weeks of june hols watching dramas and animes.

The computer is a cursed thing. And Eiji (My iPod) is not helping 'cos yea, it helps with music when I'm supposedly studying. But why would I bother listening to music when I can watch my dramas anytime, anywhere?

On my bed.

On the sofa.

While I'm eating.

While I'm bathing...

Whenever, wherever. It's a blessing and curse. And you know, once you watch ONE episode, there is no stopping it. You gotta watch the entire thing now. Until the finale and then you realize, holy shit, I just wasted 3 days!

Yes. I have issues.

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