Huge-ass bargains.

11:08 PM

Alrighty. Don't be all mad at me for totally not blogging for forever. To be honest, I actually have a whole lot of stuff to say and post about but precisely 'cos the fact that there's too many that I get too lazy to even bother typing anything out. Plus, I've got a whole lot of pics to post as well.

Maybe I'll start on it another day. I just wanted to thank all the people who wished me on my birthday which was on the 5th of June. And a special thanks to my BFFs, Diy and Sharleen, who called me chun-chun at midnight to sing me a birthday song with their really sleepy voices. And my lovely tennis friends who TOTALLY blind-sided me and surprised me with a huge-ass chocolate mousse cake at 4am during Tennis Camp, eventhough I was dying of fatigue from the night walk. You guys are the SWEETEST EVER!!!

Which is another thing. I had tennis camp and my 30 hour famine camp back to back and smack in the middle of my birthday. So, I spent my birthday, tired as hell, hungry, lacking any form of sleep and surrounded by strangers. But seriously, it wasn't as bad as it sounds 'cos the 30 hour famine camp turned out to be really meaning ful and THANK GOD, I got a really good group who wasn't dead and unethu. 'Cos I hate unenthu people (no offence to people who hate enthu people). Honestly, why would you even BOTHER signing up for the camp if you're gonna laze around and don't bother making friends and making the games fun? Seriously, hunger strike yourself to death, man.

This was the candle lighting session during the famine camp. It was so cool.

Anw, my group was super nice and my fascilitator rocks hardcore. She's so funny and lets us chill and bond. I like the fact that she isn't so hard up on the rules and stuff. Since we are split into countries and families. Mine's Myanmar and my family's Zaw! Zaw rules!!

The concert at the end of the camp was really good. Got to see Jack & Rai live. Rai has like the BEST voice ever live. He should be the Singapore Idol, lah. Seriously, he's so awesome. And then there's a taiwan star named Ah Mei. Her songs were pretty good. If I had a complaint, it's just that the food they gave us afterwards was total trash. Honestly, worst nasi lemak I've ever tasted in my entire LIFETIME.

Okay, I dun wanna go on and on about this. Just wanna tell the world that I'm 19 YEARS OLD NOW. Omgzzz, past the 18 mark and closing in on the 2-0. I'm so old, now. I got to spend a day shopping with dearest Jen. And I met up with Diy afew times, chilled at my place and reminisce about old times.

Today though, rocks my socks 'cos I got to go to three warehouse sales inclusing the PC show at suntec with Diy and we had the best time ever looking for outrageous bargains. I got a whole lot of good stuff including this SUPER cool Bed & Bath down pillow for like 10 bucks. They were practically giving it away pls. I heart sales. We spent a good half hour queuing up for this huge-ass cotton candy which was only 1.50!

Totally worth it. So cheap. When they ask me what is my favourite season, it isn't spring, autumn or winter... It's GSS season, man.

June rocks. (Besides the fact that I have to spend most of it mugging for my mid-years. Other than THAT, it rocks)

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