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9:27 PM


Today, I don't really wanna talk much. Although I've quite afew things to talk about. Such as Jen's little birthday celebration. But I'll dedicate a post with pictures to that event later on. Right now, I am in the mood to show y'all what delicious food my mum made this time.

You have to understand that in my house, noodles are a very rare and special treat 'cos my mum usually just prepares rice with side dishes. That's the staple dish in my house. She thinks that noodles are troublesome so she rarely ever makes them. So, to me noodles are like super awesome 'celebratory' dishes. My fave has to be my mum's chicken noodles. They are the ULTIMATE, man. AMAZING. The only other person outside of my family who has tasted them is Diyanah and she can tell you how awesome my mum's chicken noodles are.

Okay, picture time. Proof of its awesomeness! =)

The noodles are really spongy, all soaked with the chicken broth. With juicy bits of chicken and button mushrooms. =)

Okay, I like posting pictures of food because there is nothing more beautiful in this world. HAH!
Come back next time for another post of On The Menu. Where I just show y'all good food which I have eaten.


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