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This week was a week with the tennis girls. =) One of my favourite weeks this year. I know that next week, I'm probably gonna be bombarded with tons of work to catch up on but right now, I don't want to think about it. I just wanna enjoy this last happy moment with my dear girls before I start contemplating suicide. I hate to think of the week I'm gonna have ahead but whatever. The point is that I had a good week.

Went out to eat and arcade with the girls and sometimes with the tennis guys. Not all of them, just some. Aaron, Tiha, Hsiang Yeh And Heongkin. How come it is always only them? Nevermind though, they are the funner bunch. And I found out Tiha listens to korean music like me and that Aaron likes to camwhore and that Hsiang Yeh eats as much as me. They are funny, funny people.

Here's a group picture with the guys. Yes, I do realize that I am extremely short, especially with Hsiang Yeh towering behind me.

The tennis girls. Minus Prae who had to leave early 'cos of her curfew. We ate for hours and went home pretty late. It was such good company and good food. I heart sushi and my tennis pals. =)

And then during the public holiday, the girls went out to karaoke and arcade and chill. Omg, we found out that our dearest tennis idol Yunrou has the CUTEST voice in the world!! She sang this chinese song and it was SO FREAKIN' CUTE I couldn't help smiling from ear to ear. She is ultimate idol, mann!! Also, Yinghua and I harmonize really well. Maybe it's 'cos she has such a low voice. She can totally sing the guy parts. Cherlyn was all choir, man. And Sharon is the most spastic person! MUAHAHA! =P It wouldn't have been half as fun without her. Pui Yoong didn't sing, that toot-face. I'll be sure to make her sing 'hit me baby more time' the next time. And Kaijia and Macadia took ALOT of pics. As usual, haha! Speaking of pics... Most of the pics at ktv are with Macadia. After that we went Plaza Sing to arcade and eat.

Super aritistic picture that I took. See the mike and the figures. So gorgeous.

Me, Kaijia and Cherlyn =)


That's me way at the back. It looks like I'm drowning.

All the girls are so awesome. We were obsessed with the basketball game. I think we spent almost all our money there trying to get through all the 5 levels. It was like a work-out. My arm hurt like crazy after the whole thing. And we were cheering each other on like it was a real match or something. We are too encouraging, lah, seriously.

Kaijia and me. =) I found out she has the same jacket as me. Similar fashion sense, mann. If only I was as skinny as her. Then we can share clothes! =(

At the place of bright lights and delicious milk tea, HK Cafe. (Omg, Macadia's face is scary. She must've been damn hungry, lah)

Pui Yoong, Kaijia and me. =) The second picture is damn monsterous. (HAHAHAHAHA!! Kaijia's face like wtfff!)

Wishing for a flat screen? Don't we all.

Macadia and her unglamness. HAHA!

The girls looking so pretty!

I'm like going, "What the hell y'all doing?" HAHA! I think they're falling off the tiny car. =P

I LOVE YOU GIRLS!! We rock, hardcore.

Tennis is Ultimate!

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