So Chill

6:13 PM

I got to chill with my class and my dearest Jen Lee over the weekend. That stopped my emo-ness which was plaguing my life and totally affecting everyone else. Even my classmates noticed my sadness. But once again, the only things that can somehow make even the most annoying, depressing days better is Food. Kaijia, Cherlyn and Macadia went out for lunch with me at Sakae. And at first I was really quiet and upset and down due to Tuesday's awful experience. After that lunch, I felt so much better. Good food and good company can really work wonders.

Not only that, eventhough I thought that my weekend was totally destroyed by the stupid college day, my class went out to karaoke for like 5 hours straight. It was so awesome. And today, I played a little tennis with Jen. Eventhough the sun was SCORCHING hot and I am officially TEN shades darker than I was before, it was fun to catch up and chill like we used to. We ate popsicles and ice-cream since the weather was unrelenting and then went to eat sushi and mochi afterwards. We talked and talked. Time is so annoying to have passed by so quickly. I love our heart-to-heart talks. =)

Some pictures! I realize I've been posting alot of pictures lately. I'm thinking that words are better when accompanied by visuals.

Look at this pretty star cookie that Shan (the girl at the back) baked for me! She's so sweet. She said she screwed up the recipe but I thought it tasted pretty good so, I think she should screw up more often. Haha!

Dinner with the tennis girls after our Cjc match, which went well. Haha! They are so retarded. I think this was Sharon's idea.

I shall move on to what I actually ate at Sumo House, which apparently is the cheapest Jap restaurant in Singapore. And it's not hard to believe. Here are my side dishes. Bare in mind that I was really hugnry after training. The girls were horrified at the amount I ate.

Breaded Scallops with Japanese Mayonaise. (Really, really awesome. My new fave side dish. The scallops are soft and chewy. A total contrast with the crispy, breaded crust)

Baby octopus with red sauce Chimni. (Do not judge until you've tried it. Super delicious and chewy. Not to mention, it's a cold side dish so it goes well with hot soupy main dishes to cool the pallet down)

Cold Tofu with Japanese soy sauce. (Another good compliment with hot dishes. The sauce is strong so don't be fooled by the simplicity of this dish. Eventhough it looks simple, it packs a punch in the taste section)

My main dish is Chicken Udon hotpot. It is super packed with alot of ingredients like egg and veggies. Pretty filling... To normal people, I guess. The side-dishes are a must for me. I'm sorry for the bad photography. I usually take better pictures but I guess my hands were shaking from the anticipation of eating the food. The portions are really generous for something so cheap. Altogether, plus the side-dishes and drinks, I paid about $12. How awesome is that? So, yeah, go there for good food if you're broke.

Polaroid shots of that night when we went out. Polaroids are so cool! =)

Normal shots of that night when we went out.

This is my way of reminding myself that life is worth living. Even though there are times when I feel like I should just kill myself.

Certain things are worth living for.

NYJC 화이팅!

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