Death of a Hero.

12:35 PM

Ever since I was 3, I have been listening to his songs. By five I was his biggest fan. While other kids were singing Sesame Street songs, I was fumbling my way through the lyrics of 'Rock With You'. I don't care what other people said. To me, he was the GREATEST LEGEND that has ever lived. And once I saw him in his element, performing in one of his concerts. I realized that he is my IDOL. My childhood Hero. I bought his cassettes and CDs and DVDs. He practically CREATED music videos and changed the entire course of music history. And not to mention dance. Can anyone move like him? I doubt it. He has talent that I can only DREAM to have.

There is only one, Michael Jackson.

And today, he passed away.

Today, my hero died.

I was so shocked. And it only sank in after I started looking at the articles and his music videos. I totally lost it and burst into tears. I don't care how many people laugh at him or diss him or make fun of him. To me, he is the one who made me fall in love with music. He was in every aspect of my childhood. When I had my 7th birthday party, I remember I throwing a tantrum 'cos my dad won't play the michael jackson cassette for music. I remember dancing with my friends to thriller. I even learnt the dance steps. When I was sad, I listened to 'she's out of my life' and drown in my sadness until I felt better. I practically worn out my Michael Jackson DVD, watching it over and over whenever there was nothing to watch on TV. Even through hard times, like when my dad was retranched and had to work as a lorry driver, I tried to make trips to school in my dad's lorry more fun by blasting and singing along to MJ in my dad's lorry.

I dunno why, but he meant alot to me...

I can't believe that he's gone at only 50. He's way too young. WAY TOO YOUNG. He was supposed to make an awesome comeback with his new concert and totally shove it to all those haters that he's still the King of Pop. He still had a ton oppurtunities. And just like that, he's gone.

The world just lost the greatest talent.

And I just lost my only real hero.

I love you forever, Michael Jackson.

One of the most Old School musci videos. And the coolest dance moves at the end. Let's not forget the Moonwalker.

Michael Jackson. Rest in Peace.

Before you judge me, try hard to love me,
Look within your heart then ask,
Have you seen my Childhood?
-Michael Jackson, 'childhood'

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