Pissin'. Dissin'.

6:04 PM

The end is near.

Tomorrow is the start of the end of my life. The mid years are starting tmr. And for two weeks it will be nothing but torture for me as I face the only legal form of torture that the government has seem to over look.

Another thing I don't understand is the LENGTH of our papers and the number of papers we have per subject. I mean honestly, I have only four subjects. But my mid years stretch on for two weeks eventhough there are some days with two papers in them. I don't get it.

So much so that I even have a paper on saturday. SATURDAY?!! SATURDAYYY?!!!



Okay, I know I'm probably over-reacting. But I'm really serious about my weekends. Especially after an entire week of nothing but TORTUROUS examinations and last minute mugging. HOW could they take away my saturday by totally destroying it with an economics paper? Are they insane?

This is just another example of how Singapore is completely uptight and weird about education and examinations. I think it is the only country which is so WEIRD about this. I mean, honestly, there's like 300++ cases of the H1N1 virus, right here in Singapore and the MOE still die-die will not let up about the whole holiday extension thing. It's so focused on the syllabus and curriculum and the important exams coming up for the students. Ohhh, nooooo. Something as TRIVIAL as a PANDEMIC is not enough to stop school for a while so that the safety of the nation can be secured. Safety of the nation?! Who cares about that? It's all about the certificate the straight As that MUST be on them.

Great going, Singapore.

Okay. Maybe I'm just trippin' 'cos of my school and the change in my exam time table. And also grouchy after a month of mugging (if you can call what I actually did mugging). And still upset about Michael Jackson's death. So, I'm taking it out on the authorities. But seriously, we need to reorganize our priorities and STOP putting so much pressure on the youth of our nation.

We are only human.

(a line from 'Will you be there' by MJ)

So, cut us some slack.

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