Screwed it Over.

10:50 PM

Today, I did a good job at screwing up my geography paper which I spent most of june holidays mugging for.

Great job, Hanan.

It's nice to know that all that was for nothing and I would probably fail the entire thing anyways. Honestly, I was horrified at what happened in the exam room. I just blanked out, totally unable to link the question with any of the concepts that I memorised like crazy. It was tragic, I tell you. I was on the verge of tears and practically spiraling into depression in the middle of the paper and Mr Yeo kept walking past me, looking over my shoulder and then after a while just looking at me. I must've looked horrible and on the verge of madness.

Which I was.

I practically had like 5 mins to finish up an entire essay question that carried like 16 marks...


It's over.

And so's my life apparently. (eversince I entered JC)

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