Pay back.

7:20 PM

I owe alot of people alot of pictures but I kinda forgot the password for my photobucket so...
I've been pretty lazy to load them. So, to make it up to all those ppl, I'll try to put some pictures up now on my dead blog so that people would stop screaming at me and demanding the pics. You guys are seriously vicious.

Omg, okay I just realized that I have REALLY old pics that I still owe ppl so, I should start now and get it over and done with.

First and foremost, I'll talk about the Korean Pop Night that was held in Singapore last year which featured ALOT of hot kpop stars who are the most gorgeous ppl ever. Diyanah and I managed to get a pair of tickets and went for the thing which I was completely ELATED about. Honestly, I will move there. It's where I'm meant to be. I just know it. So, anyways, I was really excited about it and we got really good seats with pretty clear views of the stars and their faces. I loved 2PM's performance the most. My favourite song from them was 'Only You' though '10 out of 10' was a hit crowd pleaser. The whole stadium was yelling the chorus, "Shipjom manchuman shipjom!". It was hyper. I thought Andy from Shinhwa was really good too. He's so hot for an old guy. Loads of pretty girls too. Especially Chae Yeon and Park Jung-hwa from Jewelry. The wonder girls were the final performers. They performed their hit songs like 'nobody' and 'tell me'. Okay, Diyanah, Here are the pics that I owe you.

Diy and me before the concert. I'm super happy!! Diy doesn't really know what's going on. HAHA!

We were early. The Singapore Indoor stadium was pretty big and was totally packed by the time the concert started. ALOT of people came! Thank God, I was one of them.

And the show starts. I know it's really blur but people were jumping about and trying to take pics too. So, my cam kept shaking. If you can't really see, I'm pretty sure this was Jewelry's performance. They did afew songs including 'One More Time' which was my favourite from them.

New rookie singer who's gaining popularity day by day. He's super cute and has a sweet voice. he's a ballad singer and sang mostly slower songs.

This was the curtain call. The green people are the wonder girls. I love Yoobin and Sunye. They so hot. Tehy white ones are 2PM and U-Kiss who performed as well. U-Kiss was the only band who spoke to the crowd in both korean and english. They're english is really good since they are made up of local koreans and foreigners. They look MUCH hotter in real life than in their MVs. And taller too. I thought that they were pretty lame when I first saw them 'cos they started out really young. Like 12 or smth. But they've matured and are much better now.

Me and Diy happy to be surrounded by koreans. Secretly hoping a hot korean guy would sit beside us but much to our disappointment. They were mostly girls.

After the concert. Diy looks pretty bummed that it's over.

Do you have sweaty, stinky pits like this poor girl here? Then get your hands on the new Rexona roll-on for pits that's as fresh as a summer's breeze. Stop feeling in the pits and get rid of those smelly pits! =)

Me, advertising for LG. Life's Good.

Okay, moving on, (Diy you can get the rest of the pics form me when you come by my place next weekend) here's one of the VERY few pics I have of Kao before he left for Thailand. This was at the airport, minutes before he flew away. There were so many people around us dying to take pics with him he barely got to talk to Weijian and me. But here's like the only decent pic we managed to get.
Weijian is posing in a very weird way. Is he supposed to be mad at Kao for leaving or smth? Haha.

Alrighty, NEXT! I owe Jen pics from her Runway show where she got to model as part of her CIP. Like how cool is that?! Anyway, she rocked the runway, strutting her stuff and she looked so pretty. She model this dress made by a local designer that supposed to be like a hundred bucks or smth. Well, it's nice that I have models as best friends. Diyanah's a hair model and Jen's a runway model. I'm so proud of them! =)

Yes, that's Daphne Khoo. But more importantly, that's Jen beside her!

Here's Jen striking a sweet pose at the front of the runway. She;'s such a natural, lah!

Three ladies! Priya came to support Jen too. LOVE her new rebonded hair do.

And then, during the hols as well, the 4/6 ladies went out and finally get to catch up after years and years. Sham, Diy, Gaya and me went out to haji and ate some awesome turkish food while shopping around at those posh and ulu shophouses. Though I don't understand why I have to climb so many flights of staircases while window shopping. It was SO tiring. Keetha was supposed to be there but that PERSON pangseh us. That's like the trillionth time that she pangseh-ed me this year. But it's okay, I got to beat her up when I met her during homesoming. HAHA.

Gaya, Sham and Diyanah. Ultimate camwhore collide! Haha.

My pits DO NOT stink, Gaya. Wth. And Sham stares off to space... as usual.

Meditating in the middle of the road. We're too cool.

Alrighty, I will post more of the pics when I manage to get my photobucket working again, k? So don't hound me anymore for them!

Homecoming was yesterday and it was really nice to see all those old faces again in one place. No one really changed. Once we saw each other it seemed like we were back in our uniform and back to our old secondary school selves. I really miss those days. It's true what they say, Secondary school friends are for life. =)

That's all for now. Really tired. Got school tomorrow and I am DREADING it like doom's day. It's so awful. I have never had a more awful first week of school. By the end of the week, I was so exhausted to the point of eating in bed. After receiving the schedule for next week, I'm pretty sure I might be THIS close to taking morphine to somehow feel better.

God. School's the rocks.

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