yes, people, I am still alive

11:00 AM

Hello, everyone!

I know that this blog has been dead for the past month or so and I sincerely apologize of that. But y'know, the promos were around the corner (in fact, they have passed) and I could only use the com like twice a week. So, I could barely find any time to blog what with mugging and tennis and other things. Actually, loads of stuff happened but things have kinda settled down and we're all rushing to do our project work in time. God. I hate PW. HATE. HATE.HATE. HATE. It is the single worst subject that has ever been invented as a means to torture kids in school. It is useless and aggravating and annoying... The list goes on, lah.

Hari Raya has passed. Happy belated hari raya to all my muslim friends. Can't say that this year has been a very exciting one seeing as the days pass by so damn fast. It's like nearing the end of the year already and when I look back, it seems like I didn't do anything at all this whole entire year. Nothing significant really happened and I haven't achieved much. Besides my rekindled love for Japan and new found love for Korea and my improvement in tennis and my new phone... Nothing much really.

I'm just really worried about my promos. I'm very sure that I screwed up the papers though I am too afraid to admit it to my parents who have been in an extremely bad mood ever since the government raised the electricity tax by 21%. So, they are even more strict about my computer use than ever before. Which is really just icing on the suckiest cake in the history of man. I can't even destress by using the com and surfing the net. I dread the idea of not promoting. At the same time, I am dreading the idea of facing J2 life and A'levels. I am pretty sure that it will be the worst year of my life. HELLO. I was already half mad and admitted to the hospital when I had to face O'levels. I might just die next year while trying to gear up for A's. Why am I getting ahead of myself here? This is all if I hypothetically get promoted.

And Oh! I was so annoyed that I had to wear baju kurung for hari raya and I permanently have to wear long sleeveed things to cover up my MAN arms. Tennis is not a suitable sport for girls. At least not for me. I seriously think that I have an excess amount of testosterone in my body or something. Maybe I was a man in my past life. 'Cos the other girls in my tennis team do NOT have arms as manly looking as mine. It's unfair. They have such nice toned slender arms, coupled with shapely legs. WHY IS THE OPPOSITE HAPPENING FOR ME? My arms are just getting huger and my legs... God. I don't even wanna think about it. Tree trunks look like TWIGS beside me. Isn't exercise supposed to make you more toned and slim? Not bulky and manly?


Well, I have to do PW now. As sad and pathetic as that sounds. I promise pictures in the next post as I will introduce you to Sharleen's photography talents and mine as well. It will exciting. Trust me.

IT WILL BE. (I know you're saying yeah right)

Bye for now.

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