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3:45 PM

Well, I know Sharleen's expecting an entire post dedicated to her amazing photography skills, as she calls it. But I think it's pretty obvious already. I mean, she won second prize in some photography marathon competition 'cos one of her pictures was chosen as one the more spectacular ones. So, that just proves it already. And it was her first time in a competition such as that. What's more, the prize was damn good, lah. I was so impressed by the prizes she won. I'm gonnay and participate next year, just to try and get my hands on those prizes. Apparently, she got like a new DSLR and an iPod nano and a canon printer. That was just SECOND prize please. I was like whoa. Lucky bitch! Haha. Here are some sample pictures of the time we went for our photography session.

Here's me. I am doing a very stiff pose. HAHA! I was like all proper 'cos I knew Sharleen would snap one. And she's had enough spastic pics of me to fill and entire hard drive. So, I was extremely caustious this time.

A sample of Sharleen's award-winning pic. Just so you know, she likes taking black and white pics. Which is like the total opposite of me 'cos I am totally into ALOT of colours. So, most of the pics here will be Black and white seeing as it was Sharleen's camera anyway. But the picture is really pretty. All taken in Singapore, by the way. Even if it doesnt look like it.

This is picture that one of Sharleen's friend's took. Yes, Sharleen loves me! Haha! Although, I think she was trying to distract me from my phone call. Honestly, lah, this girl. Dunno what to do with her.

Anyway, Sharleen isn't the only one who can take good pics. I happen to love photography as well. I would've joined my photography club if it didn't clash with my tennis. So, here's me stealing her cam from her and taking an EXTREMELY nice photo. See, I even got the sun shining on her like a spotlight. I would've done it in colour if that girl would just show me how to change the chim settings on her DSLR.

Occasionally, Sharleen takes a good picture of me. It is extremely rare since most photos of me she takes are super spastic and fugly. So, I like to treasure this. Sharleen actually CAN take good photos of me, just that she usually chooses not to. Haha! Well, now, let me show you MY skills and the next photo will show you how awesome I am.

Don't you think Sharleen looks damn pretty here? =) I really like this picture I took. AND it is in COLOUR. (Sharleen your skin looks damn nice here, btw)

There are of course LOADS of nice pics but I can't possibly show all of them here. Anyway, can't wait to go out for another phototaking session with her again. THIS time, I can borrow her second DSLR (which she WON and got for free) and we can BOTH take nice pictures together. YAY!

Anyway, I realize that the most comforting feeling in the world is to curl up in bed with a laptop in front of you supported by a chair and watching the most heart wrenching dramas and movies. It's just the most comforting feeling. With tissues just an arm's length away, ready to soak up the water works and a warm cup of tea placed nearby just in case we get too dehydrated. It would be even better when there's rain pouring outside and it's at night so, the entire house is quiet. The only light that is illuminating the room is your laptop screen. Plug in your earphones and totally lose ourselves in the plot of the movie.


There is nothing better than that. With the help of my friend, Yiwen, who kindly lent me her laptop, I've been able to do this these past few rainy nights. I swear, it is the BEST. I would sleep at 3am-4am after crying my eyes out or sniggering quietly so that I won't wake my parents and sis. There are so many nice movies. Anyways, yesterday, I just watched on of the most AMAZING movies ever. It was so good, it was like an experience more than just a movie. It's called 'A Moment To Remember'. Although it sounds extremely similar to A walk to remember, this movie is totally different. And totally way better. It's amovie that stuck to my soul. One of the best movies ever. I laughed and cried so hard, I was afraid I'd wake the rest of my family. And the ending was so touching... *sigh*

Okay. that's all for now. Bye.

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