The days before hell

7:59 PM

Today I have decided to do a photo post after years and years! It's 'cos afew stuff had happened, I guess. Well, on Friday I went back to Anderson Secondary for Teacher's day to see what's up with my old teachers and what's new with my old friends. It was nice to see everyone again! Although I didnt get to see the concert 'cos I came late. I decided to change into something nice since I had aces day and I hardly want my friends to see me in my sweaty aces day gear. But then I realized that they cancelled aces day but I brought all the clothes already anyway so whatever. I got to wear my geek clothing that day!! YAY! I wore my cool new geeky specs and this off-white silk top with my gray denim Mango jeans and black suspenders. The teachers could barely recognize me, lah. And my friends were totally digging my glasses! Ben and Akmal were trying it on. Unfortunately I couldn't see without it 'cos my glasses have actual lens. Though many couldn't believe it. HAHA!

I met up with loads of teachers including cikgu Asnah who is surprisingly nice and warm to Diyanah and me! She even gave us food! Then Ms Lee and Mrs Kamal and Mdm Wong and Mrs Ashari. Mr Leow too! I am SO glad they remembered me! Though many couldn't recognize Diyanah too. With good reason since she looked totally different. Ben was gushing about how she should be a model and I was boasting (as usual) about how my best friend IS a model. HEHE! Much to Diyanah's annoyance. But y'know, she's too modest, lah, that girl. After that, Sharleen, Diyanah and I went out to town to go window shop.

Sharleen-chan and me! Huge smile by her and huge specs by me. =)

Diy and me savouring the last bits of our ice-cream. Yes, we love to sin!
The geek is wondering if the model has headlice. She is worried it would spread to her. MUAHAHAHA!!
Best friends chilling and laughing and gossiping. Ah, old times, yo. Damn, I can't even remember what we were laughing about. What's so funny? Hmmm... God, I hate my bad memory.
Ah-HA! The amazingness of water! (Don't ask me why. God knows what crazy thing we were doing this time) HAHA!

Then today, we sent Sina off to Germany which is really sad 'cos we only got to hang with her for afew months. Although lucky for her as she won't need to sit for the promos.

Sina opening her present from our class. It's this super cool scarp book which all the art people kinda did up and I HELPED arrange the photos! =P

Julia looking pretty with Nabihah and Eileen. By the way, Wanting is NOT pointing the middle finger. She was gesturing that she was drinking water and doesn't want to be part of the picture. But too bad for her. Haha.

Me, Wanting and Shan! =) Shan's smile is SO fake, please! It's probably 'cos of her GIANT ulcer at the side of the mouth. She isn't used to ulcers like me.

My wonderful class =) Sina, we'll miss you!

Well, auf wiedersehen everyone. (that's bye in German) Till next time.

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