Dreading, dreading.

7:40 PM

Oh, mannn. I just realized that the fasting month is coming very soon and it's gonna be smack in the middle of promos and everything else. Oh, God. Not again. And I dunno how I can even survive it this year. My appetitie has quadrupled (and so has my size). I have like eight meals a day and spend a 100 bucks on food alone every month. I eat CONSTANTLY, just ask anyone. And I am ALWAYS craving for something or hungry. I think I will die during the fasting month, lah, please. And don't try to make me feel better about how I will be able to lose weight and save money 'cos
1) I do not lose any weight during the fasting month. Infact, I tend to gain more as I totally binge and eat HEAPS load when I break my fast. Plus, I have so many cravings and instantly satisfy all of them before heading to bed. Yes, I have a stomach of steel. Or rubber. Whichever you prefer. Not to mention, the moment the month is over, and Hari Raya arrives. WATCH OUT WORLD!! I will consume enough to feed half of Africa. What with all the celebratory food.

2) Why would I want to save money when food is one of the most important and satisfying things for me to buy anyways? I don't see the point in spending so much on any thing else. Isn't it fun to splurge on something fancy and delicious?? Well, I suppose I would be able to buy more clothes and stuff but what's the point of buying clothes when I CAN'T FIT IN THEM!!!

But on the bright side... THERE IS NO BRIGHT SIDE.

why, why were you not there today? =(

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