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6:12 PM

I'm really worried about all the tests that I'll be sitting for next week. All of which I am totally not confident of. Espcially my next Math test which I have NO IDEA what the entire topic is about. It is so bloody annoying. WHY must NYJC be so different from the rest and start with statistics instead of just NORMAL math like all NORMAL JCs. God. I am so upset about it. I mean, this is like a whole new subject which is no where NEAR math 'cos I do not see any involvement of numbers seeing as all that is written on the board are weirds symbols with weird names. I mean, honestly, Hypotheiss testing and Sample Theory?? I would've never thought that there'll be a point in my life where I wish that I was doing algebra but apparently I was wrong. I really wish we were doing algebra or something arithmatic-related. Because it would make a whole lot more sense than the stupid topics I'm learning now. I don't even know how to attempt the Question, let alone DO it. I dunno how I'm gonna survive the test. I probably won't.

And why must the olympics come at such an inconvenient time. I can't help myself but to spend days of late-night TV-watching. It's really exciting. My dad and I would be seated in the living room just rooting for our favourites to win the events. I must say those men's badminton doubles will BLOW YOUR MIND. It's like SO fast, you cant even see the shuttlecock flying in the air. And YAY! Indonesia won Gold for that. But what I really want to address is the Men's tennis. (Well, duh. What did you expect).

To Roger Federer, if you are reading this (which I know you most probably aren't), I'd like to let you know that there are still people who believe in you and your capabilities as the BEST tennis player in the world. I understand how your performance this year may have rattled your confidence but c'mon! We all know you are capable of great things. Everyone goes through a bad patch in their career, it's what makes us all human. Whatever the case, you're still regarded as world number one to many so, chillax, go to rehab, do some yoga and get your game back. 'Cos I just KNOW you'll make the most fantastic come-back and blow everyone's socks off. Federer Fever has NOT died! =D
As to Nadal, KICK FERNANDO GONZALEZ'S ass, lah. please. That idiot is such a bad sportsman. Blake should've won that last match especially when there was an error that went Gonzalez's way and he was totally in the worn but kept quiet and didn't admit it. Well, whatever. Rafael Nadal (the NEW world number one as of 18 Aug) will kick his ass back to Chile.

Alrighty, enough of tennis. I'm really excited about my specs which I bought online. They have finally ARRIVED and I am SUPER exited about wearing them everywhere. They're so cute. I've always wanted one of those really geeky retro specs but I've never really had the guts to wear them. But I've decided what the heck. I'm just gonna do it. Since I am an official adult (sort of) I should be able to wear what I want no matter what people think. Anyways, I'm really content with my purchase. All thanks to Wanting who has introduced me to the wonderful world of online shopping! It's so awesome. I can buy anything from anywhere. Like if I want a wooden spear from West Africa, I can totally get it! So, I got my specs from Korea and it finally arrived and they are HUGE. But so cute! They're black and the sides are wrapped in black leather with white stitching. =) And yesterday, I just collected them at the optician 'cos I sent them over to change the lens to have them adjusted to my degree AND I asked for one of those multi-coated non-reflective lens. Now I've got TWO specs. Here have a look.

YAY! Oh, and I got my really cool retro black suspenders too. Which will complete my geek chic look. =)

Oh, man. I just remembered I have to do my EOM by tmr.

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