Long Weekends

8:42 PM

I am taking a break from the Econs take-home test which I have been doing since 11am till now. Yes, I suck at econs. And even with me putting this much effort in trying to compose a good answer, let me tell you. It probably isn't worth it 'cos I would probably still fail due to my extreme suckiness in this stupid subject. God, it is so annoying.

But anyway, let's not dwell on unpleasant-ness such as econs. One very good thing about last week is the long weekend we got as Monday was a holiday. And I am SO glad that that happened. I love long weekends which even begin with a half-day on Friday. I had a nice outing with my lovely, lovely 4/6 and finally met up with Diyanah after what seems like a trillion years. Once again she's got a new hair thing going on since I last saw her so, I'm pretty excited to see her again to see what she did to herself this time. Haha!

I must say though, my most action-packed day was Sunday. In the afternoon, I had to do filming with all my art friends from AEP for their video promo project. My group consisted of Kao, Er Pei, Lan Lan, Ling and Qianying. I was kinda honoured that they chose me to be their actress. I mean, this is like for their PROMOS. So, it's kinda a big deal to them. That just meant that I had to act my best. Which I always do. I've forgotten how much I love drama. It's so much more easier than tennis, lah. It just comes to me. Unlike tennis, which I still suck at no matter how hard I try. Okay, moving on. I went to Lan Lan's house after I met up with Wanting who decided to keep me company. Lan Lan lives in this really nice condo, by the way. So, there I was at her house, filming. It was quite an interesting experience. I just listened to the director, goofed around with the rest of the people who were watching when the scene was over and it wrapped up pretty quick. My scenes only needed afew takes to my relief. We did alot of goofing around actually. Especially Wanting and Weijian (who came to meet me a little later) who went out to do a litle mischief around the condo. Those kids, ah. I always have to keep an eye on them.

So, afterwards, we went out to Boat Quay to have some fun. =D

Ask me about that. I'll be glad to share.

Anyways, I have to continue with my super annoying to the max econs work. Oh. God.

Wish you there. But you weren't.

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