Hmmmmm, secrets.

6:57 PM

Hmmmmmm, I suppose I do have alot of things to write about. Such as the Indonesian Immersion programme that I was involved in this week. Whereby some Indonesian teens from a senior high school is Jakarta came over. I had an awesome buddy and she was super nice, lah! And the rest of them are really fun to hang out with. I was in touch with my Indonesian side for once and it felt really nice. I've just realized how much I've missed Indonesia. Anyway, I'll be going there this November so, I'll have something to look forward to other than Promos.

But I'm in a crazy mood now. I'm feeling all light-headed and hopeful and weird. And only Jenny will understand how I'm feeling. 'Cos we were gushing about it all throughout tennis. I'm so sorry if this post doesn't make sense. But it's just what I feel like writing about.


Oh, God.
I am smitten,
Bythe vision that you are
We'd hardly spoken
Each word embedded me like a scar.

There are nicer people (I know)
But you are too gorgeous to deny.
To me, you are as amazing as
A blue moon in the sky!

Still, my existance
Is one you shall forget
Yet I do not mind,
As I kept dreaming outside my bed...

Look away, if you must.
I too am in disgust;
My smitten little soul he stole.

(without you, life would be a whole lot less beautiful. Just ask, and I'll say yes)

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