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Gorgeous Erika
7:20 PM
Monday, July 14, 2008
Hello people of the world!

I am pretty happy although I was pretty UNhappy yesterday. But that is not the point. The point is I have added a new member to my family of beloved objects. Thanks to my dear Auntie Ina. I have finally gotten a new phone after months of mourning for the loss of Ashleigh I realized that now I am ready to move on. My aunt had awarded me a phone of my choice and picking for my 18th birthday. Which I must say is a pretty momentous present. Among all that I've received. Next to Roger, of course.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop beating about the bush. I couldn't find an exact picture of my lovely, lovely DREAM phone. But I found a CLOSE picture.



Isn't she the most GORGEOUS thing EVER?!! That was a rhetorical question, by the way. Because I KNOW she is. I got the Motorola RAZR2 V9, the special Rose Gold Edition. Actually, I was thinking of getting the maroon one for a long time. But when I found out that there was a newer nicer version, my mind changed immediately. Anyway, her name is Erika. And I had to go through a LOT to get her.

In fact, the reason I was SO unhappy yesterday was 'cos I honestly thought I couldn't get her. First of al, my mum wanted me to get a phone without a contract or line 'cos my current contract hasn't ended yet. But then I found out that all the phones I wanted costed at LEAST 500 bucks. And my budget was 300 bucks. I went all over Singapore looking for a good deal and I almost gave up. I thought I had to wait until the PRICE gets lower. Which would take FOREVER. Seriously. Thank God though, my determination got the better of e and I managed to find a deal that was suitable and found a contract that was suitable with mine. And so, yesterday, on the 13th of July 2008, I got my darling new phone. I have always wanted a flip phone. SHE IS SO GORGEOUS!! =D

Also, another nice thing, I had my first tennis lesson on Saturday. I was SO damn stressed, I tell you. I thought I was gonna DIE of a heart attack. I mean, I was learning with Jen Lee the Tennis Prodigy and Powershot Priya. I'm the thorn amongst the roses! I am so going to be the noobest thing ever. Which was a wrong attitude to have, honestly. Like I should've just NOT listened to myself. 'Cos due to my utter nervousness, I BECAME the noobest thing EVER! I was SO bad, it was embarassing. Plus, it didn't help that the coach was so incredibly nice. His name is Coach Mike and at first, he looked really mean. 'Cos I haven't seen him smile. But it turns out that he was SO nice and friendly. And that made me feel even worse for being such a disgrace to the sport of tennis. The hour was pretty short but by the end of it, I was panting like a mad dog and my legs were all shaky from the strain. Tennis had never been so physical. I'm gonna try harder next week. So that Coach Mike won't think that I am unworthy being in the presence of my awesome tennis friends.