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5:57 PM

I am sick.

Like literally sick and not like sick of anything in particular. Actually, I've been having loads of symptoms lately though, I have yet to fall really ill. Which OBVIOUSLY, I don't want to be. So, I'm trying to eat healthy. Although, it is SO bloody difficult. Whoever said a healthy diet was fulfilling? Let me tell you who. A person who hasn't tasted chocolate. How fulfilling can veggies and yogurt be? And GOD. I hate yogurt, but I've been shoving tubs and tubs of it down my throst to get all those 'good bacteria' and improve my digestive system. (Yea, like bacteria can EVER good. But, that's what the health education textbook says.) I know loads of people love yogurt 'cos it's like melted ice-cream or something along those lines. I just cannot stand fermented things. They are wrong. I mean, who in the world thought of waiting till dairy products go BAD and fill it up with basteria before eating it. Fermentation is bad news. And the people who invented it must have been desperate. This all came to me after learning about it in bio. After that, I was anti-fermentation.

Until now.

Though it is STRICTLY for health purposes.

Besides, it is SO difficult to eat right. Especially since my mum's working in a bakery now. And she brings home tons of cakes and pastries and all that is right in this world. So, I've been eating cakes ever single day. And apple struddles. And custard buns. And tarts. And many more. Everyone in my class knows me as the walking restaurant. My bag is like Doraemon's pocket. It is ALWAYS filled with food and hardly ever runs out. And I am always chewing something and swallowing things (by things meaning food). So, it is safe to say that I will not be losing weight any time soon (gaining more like) OR be eating healthy anytime soon either. Life's short, and the fact that my mum's working at a bakery is OBVIOUSLY a sign from God to live it to the fullest. And speaking of enjoying life, I'm gonna go grab a slice of chocolate mousse cake now.

Mmmm... Oh, yeah. This is exactly what the doctor ordered. (Not. But he should!)

Speaking of what doctors ordered, I firmly believe that the doctors should start ordering sick patients to go shopping. It helps. I swear. So, today, I was out with Wanting, looking around City Hall. We were actually there for some Excel Fest thing. It was our 'Learning Journey'. But the fun came AFTER the whole Festival (although, I dunno why it's called a festival. Festivals are SUPPOSED to be fun. It was more like a Bore-fest.) We went window-shopping for stuff that I need. I really DO need some things. Like,

- A wallet
- A tennis bag
- Coppertone Spray-on Sunblock
- A tote bag

I seriously NEED them. This is no joke and I am not exaggerating. But I'm spending most of my allowance on private tennis lessons with Jen and Priya. Yes, I am paying for them on my own. Simply 'cos I don't think my parents would allow it if THEY had to pay for it. So, I'm doing it myself. Which is like a vacuum on my monthly allowance. But I'm really looking forward to them. Hopefully, I'll finally get good at tennis.

So anyway, I didn't end up buying anything 'cos my headache was getting worse and worse and I could barely breathe with my nose all blocked and my throat all scratchy. I decided to go home early and take a rest. But I felt worse and worse. So, I decided to walked around Northpoint for a while, looking for the above mentioned items once again before going home. And then, I saw this awesome bargain (although it was not in my list of needed things, it was SUCH a bargain) and immediately bought it. It was this AWESOME japanese silk pillow which was on 70% discount. And it was SO soft and spongey and I could just SINK in it. I couldn't help myself, eventhough it's another blow to my pockets. And the moment I bought that pillow, I felt a million times better. It was a miracle! I kept thinking about all the wonderful sleep I'll be catching up on and I felt better. My nose cleared even. I tell you, shopping helps.

Oh, and speaking of feeling better. I felt better after having a Playmaker lunch yesterday with all my lovely Playmaker peeps. There was Dinah, Jen, Priya, Ashwin, Faris and Me. It was SO fun! I missed them SO much. I never laughed so much in the entire year. All the lovely bitching sessions and sharing stories over food and drinks. I shall post pics tmr!

You guys are the BEST! =)

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