Wimbledon '08

6:25 PM

Well, Nadal won and I must say that was the BEST match I have EVER watched. All FOUR hours of it. Although, technically, it was 'cos of the rain delay and stuff. But WHOA, it was totally NAIL-BITING! I mean, honestly, the way those two champions played. It was breath-taking. I'm obviously talking about the Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles Finals between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. This is possibly the best match those two have ever played. It was a five-setter and ALL throughout the match, I was freaking out. To be honest, I was rooting for Federer to win (not just because my racquet is named after him). Simply 'cos if he had won this match, he would have won five consecutive Wimbledon titles. But Nadal broke his winning streak and I felt really bad for Federer 'cos he really looked upset. Though, I must say Nadal deserved it and was really humble about the whole thing.

Oh, GOD. I am SO inspired to play tennis now. Although I can never play like those two champions. At least I use WILSON, like Federer! And have muscles like Nadal (though not as much). So that's a start, eh?

By the way, what is UP with Spain totally dominating the sports scene? First the UEFA Euro cup and now Wimbledon? And I heard they're dominating the Golf scene too. If the Minister of Youth & Sports is reading this, do import some foreign talent from there. We might need some.

Alright, I actually haven't got much to talk about. Just wanted to share with you guys this conversation I had with my doctor which I recalled just yesterday since I would be going to the doctors again very soon. 'Cos I'm not really feeling any better. I only have one octor and he has my medical records since forever. He totally rocks. And he's really nice and funny. As you know, I always falls chronically ill if I'm under massive amounts of stress. I've gone to the hospital plenty of times just because I fell ill due to stress. Like when I had my PSLE. During my first SYF. And of course my O'levels. So, during my O'levels was like probably the worst. The doctor was really worried about me 'cos I've been to his office like 3 times and I only got worse. He always tried to lighten the mood though.

Me: I was wondering if you could get me something non-drowsy so that I can still do my work. Oh, and something to make my headaches go away quick.
Doctor: *thoughtful* Hmm, okay. I think I know what to give you... *starts scribbling things down*
Mum: Anti-biotics?
Doctor: No, anti-depressants.

He was really funny. And no, he didn't really give me that. After that he went on to tell me to STOP studying. I swear, he's the only doctor who tells me to stop doing things when things get hard. Others usually tell me to not give up. He's like, "Don't stress yourself out. No use." He's like a Guru (slash) Doctor.

Anyway, I just like to say don't be too upset, Roger Federer. You're still the most popular and the number one player. And to Nadal, congrats! (Eventhough they don't read this blog. But whatever)

And Roddick. I still believe in you!

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