Sleepless Sleepovers

5:49 PM

Honestly, I don't know why sleepovers are CALLED sleepovers 'cos there's hardly any sleeping involved in it. I know that I haven't been blogging lately but it's 'cos the exams had arrived and I was too lazy and tired to bother writing about things. WELL, I can't say that I'm not lazy now. I just thought I owed all you people a proper blog entry for once. After being on hiatus for such a long time.

Well, first of all, let me just talk about the mid-terms for a few secs. Everyone's really stressed about the whole thing even though it's like what? 15% of the entire year grade or something. I suppose to some people it's alot but honestly, to me, it's so insignificant. And how inhumane is it for the JCs to put the exams immediately after the june hols? The answer is very. I know that for a JC kid, there is no such thing as a 'holiday' and we have to mug till the A's are over. But that is just NOT possible. Everyone needs a little time to chill out and rest their heads for a while and chill with their friends. Everyone was so busy studying during the hols, they totally missed all the wonderful bargains on the Great Singapore Sale. Which, by the way, is a complete and utter loss in their part.

As you might have noticed, I have extremely low motivation to study. I'm just not the studying type of girl. Although, I still do, if I absolutely have to. But I honestly dunno how my friends can do it for 6 hours non-stop, sitting at their desks until their butts were numb. Kudos to you guys! My butt was numb from sitting for so long in front of the TV. However, I managed to 'chiong' during the last few weeks and faced the mid-terms head on, eventhough I KNOW that I'm probably not going to be able to answer all the questions.

Math - It was BAD. I've never been good at math. Ever. And it hasn't changed, doubt it ever will. Oh, GOD. WHY did I take math in the first place. It was suicide.

Lit - Bearing in mind that our teacher hardly taught us a single thing on the Great Expectation by Charles Dickens, I thought I did a good job smoking my way through the paper. Lit is SO wonderful. You can never have nothing to write.

Geography - O.M.G! I swear, I thought my arms would fall off at the amount of stuff we had to write. I only took geog elec the last time and physical geog is SO much more complicated. I had to write 6 essays in 3 hours. I dunno how you pure geog people do it last time. I had 10 mins left to do one and a half essays. I panicked and started cursing quite audibly, distracting some people and not caring 'cos I thoguht I was going to die. In the end I wrote everything in point form. Not even in full sentences of anything. It's like gibberish. Well, I can safely say that THAT didn't go well.

Economics - It was hell. Enough said.

But lets' just keep in mind that it'ds OVER. So yeah, nothing I can do about it now. But shop.

By the way, people, just so you know, the GSS ends on 20 July. So, it isn't too late. I can't believe that so many of my friends thought that it was already over. THIS is actual, important information. So, anyway, it isn't too late. Besides, all the best sales come nearing the end of the GSS.

Moving on, I've had two sleepovers over the course of a few weeks. One was completely impromtu and I didn't even bring extra clothes or toiletries or anything. Jen, Sham and me wanted to surprise Priya after she returned from New York over the hols. So, we went over to her place before she reached home (her maid let us in) and hid in her room. We pretended to sleep on the bed, saying that we've been here waiting for her for DAYS. HAHA! I swear the look on Priya's face when she saw the lumps sitting on her bed in the dark was priceless. She thought we were burglars or something. Then when she saw it was us, she screamed and screamed and screamed and started SLAPPING herself.

I think she was surprised.

Then we talked till late and she asked if we could just stay over instead of travelling back home at night. The day was full of surprises 'cos my dad actually said yes (usually he doesn't allow for fear that I might be participating in an orgy somewhere else). Luckily he trusted me. Seeing that I'm 18 and all. (HEHE! Just wanted to slip that in) And so all of us slept over and had extremely little sleep, eventhough, I had tennis the next morning. It was so fun. We gossiped and watched youtube videos and talked and fell asleep talking. Priya gave me an I heart NY shirt, which I realize could be I heart Nanyang as well. COOL! I can totally wear it to school and pass it off as a school based tee.

The second was Sharleen's Slumber Party (not exactly so glam 'cos we were in our ugly tees and shorts). We watched DVDs, LCDs, ate tons of food, talked till 6AM, slept for a good 4 hours before having breakfast, makeovers, photoshoots with Sharleen's DSLR (so awesome) and then lunch!! It was SO FUN!!! Just us girls.

Although, there was an awful moment which happened while we were watching Sky of Love. Thankfully, they didn't think I was a weirdo.

Or maybe it's 'cos they already THOUGHT that I was a eirdo and so wasn't surprised at my out burst... Nevermind.

It was nice. =) I have to go off now. I'm really tired from typing.


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