Roger that!

5:08 PM

A load is off my chest!! I feel so much better now. Eventhough I am not sure that I have made the right decision. Well, I just bought my new tennis racquet today.

(By the way, did you know that racquets are spelt R-A-C-Q-U-E-T-S and not R-A-C-K-E-T-S?!! This was a relevelation for me like a few weeks ago while I was researching on racquet brands and things. So, all this while, I have been spelling it ALL wrong! Seriously, English teachers should teach us THESE things.)

Trust me it was after much, much turmoil and torture in my head. Even my dad was screaming at me to make up my mind. But I am just that type of person who is really extremely undecisive (unless, when it comes to clothes). Especially on what to buy. Money is extremely hard to come by. So, when you have to make a particularly large purchase, you have to weigh all the options and the pros and cons. Which was what I have been doing for weeks. I was supposed to buy my racquet way earlier but I've been putting it off 'cos I simply couldn't make a decision. EVERYTHING makes a difference. The size of the racquet face, the stiffness of the frame, the grip size, the length.... I tell you my head was spinning. And the worst part is that I don't know the difference between a noob racquet and a pro racquet. So, if I get it wrong, that's a LOT of money down the drain. You can imagine how stressed I was about the entire thing. Plus, I couldn't get many demo racquets to try out or anything.

But I was absolutely determined to get my racquet today without fail. I went with my dad and sis to the shops and look around. I narrowed it down to three racquets which are within my budget. Coach actually approved of one of the three and I WOULD buy it immediately if it were not for the fact that it was so fugly. I mean, what is UP with the person who designed that thing?! Couldn't he make the racquet LOOK good as well as perform good? And I just couldn't bring myself to pay such a large amount for something so ugly. I looked around for alternatives. The next two were Head racquets and they looked really nice. However, they were suspiciously cheap and I have never used Head racquets before so, I don't really know the feel of it. What's worse was that there was almost nothing on the internet about them. So, I kept going back and forth from one sports shop to another. All the sales people staring at me and my dad and sis. Finally, I made a decision to just go with the one coach approved which was a Wilson Hammer H4 (although it is SO UGLY). Besides, my dad was already screaming at me to make a decision. Let me tell you it was tough. The Wilson racquet was rather expensive for my family and it was the best we could do within such short notice. This is such a milestone for me. A mark of my maturity since I finally chose something primarily for it's performance, function & price and not looks.

All I have to do now is to get used to the racquet and try to welcome it into my family of favourite / precious things. In fact, I have already named it. His name is Roger. =) If you have forgotten my close-knit family of wonderful things which I can NOT live without. Here's a recap:

Logan Sony - mp3 player
Ashleigh (R.I.P) - phone; Nokia 6288
Brad - my old dunlop racquet
Ryan Stagg - guitar
Drake Jacket - my esprit jacket
Sam - my stuffed dog
Roger - my new wilson racquet

Yes, it is a small exclusive family. These people, never let me down. I repeat, I am not weird. I just like my things to be personalised.

Oh, before I go, here's a funny thing that happened quite some time ago but I just recalled it yesterday while having a chat with my mum. It was conversation that's so classically klutzy, I buried it in my head for awhile. Just thought I should share it to entertain you peeps. What happened was that I was meeting up with my friend who was bringing along her older sister along. I've heard such great things about her sister and so, I was trying to sort of 'gain her approval' 'cos my friend always listens to her sis. I was trying to be all witty and cool (THIS is always how every embarassing moment starts). So, I decided to compliment her.

Me: (after making a lame joke about cows, trying to salvage the situation) Oh, I LOVE those white earphones! Where'd you get them?!
Her sis: The hospital. (deathly stare) It's a hearing aid.
Me: Ohh... That's nice! (dies of embarassment)

At this point, I desperately changed the topic to movies, I think. Where I found out that she liked Lord Of The Rings too. THANK GOD!! Seriously, it LOOKED like one of those iPod white earphones. How was I to know? I was young!

Ahh, youth. *rolls eyes*

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