25% Crazy

8:11 PM

First and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone for their wishes, thus brightening my 18th birthday for me. Especially my lovely tennis girls of NYJC who are the sweetest things ever. I couldn't BELIEVE that they surprised me after training (when I was all sweaty and in pain after pulling my leg during training) with Coach. They had a cupcake with candles and a present and everything! I totally didn't expect it, lah. After running around the tracks for 15mins, all I could think about was trying to BREATHE and stopping the world from spinning. And then they sprung the surprise on me. OMG! Thank you SO MUCH!! You guys are AWESOME!! =D

I can't believe that I'm 18 already. Seems such a perfect age! The age where I can do anything and anything can happen! I'm can just SEE the windows of oppurtunities opening and me jumping through it. THIS is the golden age, yo.

Anyways, I'm not gonna harp on it any longer. Just yesterday, I met up with Yiwen and Wanting to go shop in town. I realized that it has been AGES since I bought myself something nice. So, I thought I should get something as like a birthday gift for myself. I've already thought of EXACTLY what to buy. In fact, I listed them down. Especially this GORGEOUS reef bag which I've been wanting to buy. I left the house brimming with joy and optimism 'cos shopping just has that effect on me. The thought of buying all those LOVELY things and bringing them home fills me with SO much happiness, it's crazy. Like a drug. Shopping is the ULTIMATE therapy for anything. Feel like committing suicide? Go shopping. Feeling depressed 'cos you've just flunked everything? Go shopping. Feeling stressed? Go shopping. Seriously. It is the answer to everything.

But my day quickly took a turn for the worst after finding out that NONE of the stuff that were in my list. I was horrible 'cos I couldn't get a bag or anything. All the stuff were gone. Which got me So beyond annoyed. I think Yiwen was getting afraid of me 'cos I went on a shopping rampage trying to find one thing after another in my list and finding them gone. That wasn't the only sucky thing that happened. Yiwen and I were TRICKED into doing this ridiculous survey. We were such sad VICTIMS, I tell you. So, there we were walking outside Takashimaya when these two girls came up to us and asked if we'd participate in this 5 minute survey. We said okay simply 'cos we are such nice people and they looked kinda desperate. So, then she said that we should move to an air-con environment. Once we were inside Takashimaya, she led us to the lift. Immediately we were thinking, "O.M.G! Is she trying to kidnap us?". Fortunately, no. She led us to the her company. This was when the fiasco started. Turns out the '5 minute' survey was not 5 minutes but infact, 45 effing minutes!!! And during those minutes, she made us answer all these questions about health and shit. THEN, she made us go on this high-tech scale which can measure everything in your body. She went on to call me fat. She was like, "Eventhough you are in the ideal weight catagory, the other things are not ideal. 25% of your body is fat and your metabolic rate is slow. You won't burn enough calories even when you are exercising." I was just sitting there as she promotes her slimming products as she continues to indirectly insult me and my appetite.

EXCUSE ME!! Is there SOMETHING WRONG with eating what you like and liking what you eat?!! I admit, I may not be the slimmest girl with the gorgeous legs and lovely slender figure. I may not be the most sporty person. And I may not be the gorgeous model girl. BUT I am NOT obese. I am perfectly healthy (perfect score for my NAPFA, b.t.w) and I can fill up my clothes well. I mean, I'm okay!

So, I was there listening like I cared for a full 45 minutes. Yiwen was there beside me. But she didn't get so much 'cos she's a very sporty person who had better results than me when it came to the health check thingy. So, that just made my day SOOOOOO much better, right?


So, after the whole '5 minute' survey thing, I bought a Mrs Field's Brownie to make myself feel better. To hell with her and her slimming supplements. But I suppose it got better 'cos I bought myself a nice Yakpak. Which is this super cool USA bag (featured in Gossip Girl) with super cool print. It's ex, but I couldn't care less. My list had been ruined so I deserved something luxurious. And after that I met up with Taufiq. Thanks again for the lovely gift!

Anyways, today I was looking at phones and racquets. Going crazy. I was drooling at the awesome maroon Motorola V9 flip phone. Which my ultimate dream phone 'cos it is SO sexy!! And at the K Zen Wilson racquet. But I can't afford either of them. (The reason why I'm going crazy) Still searching for substitutes. But I'll get there eventually.

Alrighty, that's it for today. More next time! =D

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