No Pain, No Gain (literally)

7:57 PM

I just got back from my tennis camp yesterday night and I am in SO much pain right now, it's not even funny. I am even amazed that I can type. What I know is that I will NOT move from this postion until dinner. Not 'cos I'll be on the com for the whole day. But because I can NOT move. Well, at least I had a good work out. You know you've had a good wrok out when you realize that you cannot even sit on the toilet bowl without screaming in pain and when your arm starts shaking when you lift up your spoon to eat. Man, it was certainly a GOOD work out. Although, I can't say that it was one of those, so-good-a-workout-that-you-suddenly-lose-tons-weight-and-look-hot. 'Cos my camp had good food and I ate a lot. ALOT. As in 6 pieces of bread and milo for breakfast kind of alot. So, yeah, you get the idea. And the moment I got home, I ate a double whopper meal. Yes, it's not hard to see WHY I'm gaining weight. Food is my first love.

Another thing I gained from the camp was MAN ARMS and the legs of Roberto Carlos. Yes, if it weren't for my long hair, people might mistake me for a man. After all those step-ups and sprinting and running, my legs are bulkier than before. Looks like I won't be fitting into my jeans anymore. I might rip it (seriously). As for my arms... Oh. My. God. It's HUGE!!! Even Serena Williams would've been afraid to arm-wrestle me. I'll be wearing loose, long-sleeved shirts from now on. Although, I have to give a special thanks to my team mates who seem to be the ONLY ones who LIKE my arms. You guys are too kind! HAHA! But the camp was fun on the whole 'cos of the people. NY tennis girls are the BEST. Don't forget our motto, 'You beat the best, we'll take care of the rest". If it doesn't make sense, it's okay. There's some hidden meaning behind it which I will be happy to tell you. Just not here. So, come talk to me! I'm very friendly! =)

Anyways, usually, I wouldn't say this 'cos I wouldn't want to sound like I'm REMINDING you guys or anything. 'Cos I'm not. But since this year is special, I have the right to blog about this. I am SO excited!! This thursday will be 18th birthday!! I'm going to turn the huge and official one-eight. I'm gonne be a semi-adult. Like how COOL, is that?! I can drink, smoke, go clubbing, watch M18 flicks... Woah! Well, not that I'm gonna actually DO all those things I've mentioned. But it's just nice to know that I CAN do all those things, but I choose not to. Makes it more significant, you know.

I'm gonna watch stupid things on youtube. (very adult behaviour, right?)

TTYL! =)

(PS: I'm back to using my old number so, my temporary number is no longer valid. And I hope the bitch who stole Ashleigh gets run over by a truck...TWICE)

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