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I know, I know. You guys are probably annoyed that I haven't been updating my blog since like forever but it's been pretty crazy lately. Not that my life has been SO action packed that I can't even find time to blog properly but crazy 'cos my weekends are always so packed with either Project Work assignments or plans such that I cannot blog. And y'all know that I usually blog on the weekends. So... Let's just jump into the lastest updates.

Well, I've been stressing over my CCA 'cos I happen to be quite sucky at it. I managed to pass the trails and get into my school's tennis team!! JOY OF JOYS!!! I'm finally gonna learn tennis proper. After all those time I've looked through brochure after brochure, searching for an affordable tennis lesson. Now, I can! But with this oppurtunity comes stress and expectation. 'Cos I have to get good within a short period of time. So, I have to catch up to everyone else who has learnt tennis for years. And I'm like SO stressing out 'cos I do NOT want to be kicked out of the team for being 'incompetent'. It would be HEARTBREAKING!! So, now, I'm trying my best to improve my sad tennis skills. Oh, GOD! Wish me luck, people. I'm gonna need it.

I've also been quite horrified at the alarming rate at which I gaining weight. It's SCARY. I put on a kilogram every fortnight. Which then got me thinking, there're ALOT of weeks in a year. And then, I'll try to imagine myself at the end of the year and let me tell you, it is NOT pretty. Like a sumo on steroids! I'm starting to panic now. But I canNOT deny myself food. I eat at almost every break in between lessons and I'm practically having like 5 meals a day. I can't HELP it that JC life takes up alot of my energy. Thus, I have to keep re-fueling myself... with food. So, I've been gaining weight and inches on my thighs, where ALL my fats seem to coagulate. Weirdly enough, even with my rapid gain-age of weight and unhealthy eating, NAPFA this year was surprisingly easy. As in easier than all my previous years. It was SO weird. This year, there was no fainting, no stressing out and panicking the week before the test, nothing. In fact, it didn't seem as challenging as it was the past few years. Let me just update on how I did this year.

Sit-ups: 40 (A)
Inclined Pull-ups: 20 (A)
Sit-and-Reach: 50cm (A)
Standing Broad Jump: 192cm (A)
Shuttle Run: 9.9 secs (A)
2.4km Run: 12.32 mins (A)

This is by far my BEST year ever! And I dunno why. I was so unhealthy and I didn't work out over the holidays. And while the rest of the world was in PAE, I was being a potato couch at home. It just isn't logical. But somehow I feel fitter and better. (Eventhough, I'm still upset over the whole gaining weight thing.) I just hope I can keep this up!

Anyways, just recently, our school had a Be Yourself Day event. And my class decided to dress up as Gypsies and Nomads!! Holy Shit!! This is like the ultimate thing for me. I always LOVE dressing up. Just ask Diyanah or Joey, who are my fellow dress-up pals. I love having themes and thinking about what to wear and going ALL OUT! And the best and worst part is trying to make do with my limited and sad wardrobe. Somehow, I've always managed to meet all the themes. And this occasion is no different! A gypsy theme is SO perfect for me as my cousins gave me tons and tons of ethnic-y clothes. Here are some pics,


My band of gypsies, nomads and vagabonds!




You guys are AWESOME!! =D

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