Hazardous Hokkien

7:39 PM

I SHOULD be doing my GPP right now but I am like so frustrated over it. I hate project work with a passion so I decided to blow-off some steam before going back at it later on.

Oh, my gosh! I am SUCH a hazard to the world, lah. Seriously. Like this week, I think I whacked three innocent old ladies. As in unintentionally! For instance, just last week while I was out with my sister, I was standing around waiting for my parents. So, there I was looking around for my parents and my sis was doing the same thing. Then, I spotted them and went like, "There! There they are!". And my sis was like, "Where? Where?". I turned to her and said, "Are you blind?! They're RIGHT there!". My sis, with her super stoned face was looking right past them. Finally I swung back and pointed towards the direction my parents were coming at us. And as I swung my arms, this poor old lady (who was pretty short) was walking by me and got smacked RIGHT at her nose with my arm. Immediately, the lady grabbed her nose and was like howling in pain. I started gushing, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm SO SORRY, Auntie!!". But the lady started spouting Hokkien at me!! She was like FURIOUS!! He eyes were bulging and she was still grabbing her nose so she was spouting Hokkien with a really funny, high-pitched voice. I just kept chanting apologies like some sort of mantra. I think she was cursing at me in Hokkien, lah. It SOUNDED like it. My sis already had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. Then the old lady just shuffled off, mumbling curse words in Hokkien.

Oh. GOD! The things that happen to me, man...


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