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Once again I'm in the school library, noisily typing out this entry simply 'cos I've got two hours to kill before my next lesson and I can't HELP it that I eat REALLY fast. I actually DO have alot of things to say. First of all, of course to Diyanah, my best friend. It was her birthday on the 19 March. But then, I've already said all that's needed to be said in the card which I wrote her. Plus, you know how mushy I get when it comes to these things. I don't want this to be some mushy, sad post about how we're all in different schools and shit. 'Cos I don't do that sort of thing anymore (Thanks to Oprah, yet again for putting my life into perscpective). I'd just like to CELEBRATE that we're STILL best friends eventhough we're in completely different colleges and around different people. That is a true test of friendship and I have a good feeling that we'll pass with flying colours. That same goes to my other best friend, Sharleen who's birthday was on the 22nd of March, three days after Diyanah. It's no wonder I'm always so broke. HAHA! Sharleen can be REALLY crazy but that's what makes her so fun. And sometimes when she's emo, she says things that you sort of go, "Whooaaa! So deep." Talk about range. This girl has it, man. Anyways, Happy Birthday to all of you! You guys rock my world!

Enough of the sentimentally things. Honestly, I've got nothing much to write. I suppose I COULD write about how much I enjoyed Step Up 2 The Streets. Eventhough the plot was super cliche to the max and the leads weren't that good-looking, the dance numbers will literally BLOW YOUR MINDS!!! The music rocked and the moves were CRAZY!! I watched it with Jen and Priya and our mouths were literally hanging wide open in awe. I was thinking, "These people are NOT from this earth, obviously. 'Cos gravity totally has NO effect on them whatsoever. AND they can twist and dislocate their bones to their pleasing. Once again... NOT from this earth." But even if they were aliens, they are COOL aliens, which makes this movie really nice. It's not like ET-phone-home. It's like ET-with-a-hot-body-krumping-and-backflipping! Yeah, as you can see, it is WORTH watching. But once again NOT for the plot. 'Cos you'll be damn disappointed.

(By the way, Moose is mine!)

Oh, I was thinking about this really funny thing just recently. You see, there're some newspaper clippings on Nanyang that are pasted on the noticeboards around school. Usually it's about students who do really well in their A's. So, I don't really bother. But this time, a headline caught my eye and I actually READ one of the articles on the board. Apparently, some years ago, one of the principals planned on changing Nanyang Junior College's name to Chung Cheng Junior College to facilitate affliations from Chung Cheng High. I started laughing like a maniac at the board. Wrong move, 'cos people started staring and gathered a crowd. But I couldn't keep it in. I started telling this group of people beside me how HILARIOUS Chung Cheng Junior College would be and Thank God that the petition to NOT change the school name was a success. They didn't get what's so funny at first. And I think I pissed off this girl who was originally from Chung Cheng Secondary. Heh. Me and my big laugh. You see, it's so funny 'cos it's so weird. We'll be called CCJC for short and I'm sure the guys wouldn't come here. Their convo after the O's would be:

Guy 1: Eh, which JC are you in, ah?
Guy 2: Oh, CCJC, lah.
Guy1: Whatt?? Cannot hear, you said Sissy JC, is it?
Guy 2: NOOO!! C.C.J.C.
Guy 1: Correct, ah! Sissy JC! Got such JC, meh? They affliate Girls School, is it?
Guy 2: ...

This convo probably ends with Guy 2 strangling Guy 1 but I thought we'd just end it like that. It's a nice cliffhanger. Well, I'm glad they didn't change it. NYJC sounds WAY NICER!! Like New York or New Yachts or No Yodelling or Norwegian Yogurt or No Yeast-infection... SEE!! So many nice things are associated with this acronym. HAHA!! Mostly just New York.

Anyway, I gotta go rady. Talk more later! =)

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