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Yes, this is a quick post. And yes, it's probably gonna be short and yes, I apologize. I realize that I've been slacking off my duties as a blogger these days. But I'm just SO tired of the internet. I hardly go online anymore and I barely update my friendster. Oh, god! What has JC life done to me?!! Speaking of JC, I'm actually in my school library, typing out a quick post 'cos I felt that my blog is WAY too stagnant for WAYYY to long. AND my next lesson is in like an hour's time. But I can't type for the WHOLE hour 'cos my friends would think I'm being emo.

Alrighty, quick updates then. First of all, if you're wondering how my dancing thingy went, it went PRETTY okay. And thank you SO MUCH to my dear juniors who actually cheered during the performance, although inside, I was practically DYING of embarassment. Plus, I was stessing out about remembering my steps. In the end, I performed 3 dances. I KNOW!! Alot, right?! It was a miracle that I remembered the steps, considering how I forget anything that happened the previous day. With tons of make-up, a hair-do I wouldn't be caught dead in and clothes that itch like crazy, I managed to still have fun and enjoyed the dances. Also, all the MLCS (Malay Language Culture Society) peeps went out for dinner after the event.I'm bummed Anderson didn't win though. Ah, well. There's always next year.

Okay, I am completely broke. Yet again. I know, what else is new, right? WHY is it that all my best friends' birthdays COAGULATE in two months, and that's March and May? In the months that start with 'M', I will be dead broke. For example, Diyanah and Sharleen's birthdays are this week. Guess what? They are THREE days apart!! But being broke has it's rewards (as weird as that sounds). I LOVE giving my friends birthday presents. 'Cos I love thinking about what to get them and testing how well I actually know them. And when I get them something REALLY good and they'll be all, "OHMYGOD!! OHMYGOD!! I can't believe you GOT me this!!" and I get to be all smug and go, "Ohhh, it's nothing.". In reality though, I'm grinning from ear to ear. I love it when I get it right. They'll be all happy and I'll feel as though I made their day. For that, I think being broke isn't too bad.

'C0s when you think about it, you can't put a price on friendship and certain things are just WORTH it. =)

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