Low-key, High-key (part 2)

5:08 PM

Oh, in my hurry to watch Ugly Betty, I totally forgot to tell y'all part TWO of my PE adventures. Yes, people, there's a PART TWO! I guess I was so mortified that I was supressing the memory or something. But I thought I'd share it 'cos it'll be nice for a good laugh.

So, after I had bruised my bum, the game played on and I was determined to get a come-back. So, finally I got the ball from one of my team mates who threw it to me. To my delight I actually caught it! And then I told myself to run. And I did! I managed to dodge some of the opposing team members who tried to tap me which gave me an ultra confidence boost. This was all due to the million times I've played tag in Anderson. So, I thought, "Hey! Maybe I can FINALLY score one for the team!". I kept running to the touchdown line. Seeing it getting closer and closer, I was SO excited! And then, I actually crossed it!!! I DID IT!!!! So immediately, I started doing a victory dance. (Yes, I actually did a victory dance... What the HELL was I thinking?!!) I was pumping my hands in the air with the ball and going, "Oh, YEAH!! Woohooo!!! We rock! We rock!!". Then, out of nowhere, this dude from the opposing team just came and stood there in front of me. Apparently, he was waiting for something. I thought he wanted the ball so that his team can start the game again. Then, he just tapped me on the shoulder. I'm like in my head going, "What the?! Is there something WRONG with this dude? I scored a touchdown! The game is over. We scored a point. Is this guy blind or something?". I just strared at him, totally confused. Then, I went, "What?".

He then went on to explain to me that I haven't touched the ball to the touchdown area yet. Which meant that the ball was still in play. Which meant that I didn't score one for the team. Which also meant that I did my retarded victory dance for nothing. This only meant one thing... I deserve a kick in the head for being such a notorious noob at this game. Yet, all I could say was,"Oohhh...". Then, he said, "Yah, so now you have to pass the ball to someone else." "Oh, so when they said Touchdown, I actually have to TOUCH the ball DOWN..." I replied, just to clear things up. "Erm, yah." was his reply. Obviously, he's thinking, "Duh-uh!!! Then WHY is called a TOUCHDOWN and not a 'crossline'?!". I gave a nervous laugh and passed the ball to someone else. We managed to score anyways.

Sometimes, I even amaze myself.

Anyways, next week is my orientation week/level camp. And I'm excited about it! Most JCs don't have that much of an orientation so, I'm glad mine does. Also, I somehow got into this Malay Language and Cultural Society and the next thing I know, I'm learning two dance numbers for next weeks GPA (some Malay poetry competition) in one day. The JC2 seniors asked me to dance and I refused, obviously. SO NOT part of my low-key thing which I was suppose to have going on. Plus, I have NEVER done Malay Dance in my entire life so, I'm afraid I might offend them and destroy the beauty of the traditional Malay Dance. I mean, after witnessing me dance, people might be scared from learning this form of dance for the rest of their lives in fear of looking like a woman having hives. But I had quite afew Anderson seniors there and I've always had a problem saying no. So, I eventually agreed. And they were happy, eventhough I told them (about 50 times) that I can't dance. Besides, I got to meet new people and they're really nice. And now, I've got a new experience. Do wish me luck, so that I won't mess up the entire 2 dances in front of everyone and thus, disgracing the entire college name.

That's about it. I'm hoping to catch a movie next week too. It's been a while. Alrighty, NOW, I'm off to watch Ugly Betty yet again. See you later, alligator! =)

(Ohmygod, that is so lame. Can't believe I just said that. Pretend it never happened)

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