Low-key, High-key

7:26 PM

I've made the decision to be low-key and those wallpaper, fade-in-the-background type of person throughout my 2 years in NYJC. I'm gonna be that cool but plain girl who hardly talks and is all emo. But my humiliation-prone life is really making it almost impossible for me to be all low-key and cool. I'm gonna be 18 for God's sake!! I'm supposed to be all sophisticated and lady-like and refined and adult-y. I can't remain my klutzy, accident/humiliation prone self FOREVER!!

For example, we had PE some time ago and I vividly remembered an incident. We were playing a modified version of Touch Rugby. We were informed of the basic rules which is that you have to run to the opposing teams's touchdown area. Then, if you are tapped by the opposing team while running, you have to stop on the spot and pass it to someone else on your team who has to continue your run to the touchdown area. At first, I kept stopping everytime I get the ball instead of running with it 'cos I was so used to playing Captain's Ball. But I got used to the rules and starting having fun and getting competitive. I LOVE the game 'cos I love sprinting. It's something that I can actually do quite well (unlike my long-distance runs where I'm practically crawling around the track by the second round). However, the other team had this dude who was a rugger (lingo for rugby player) so, they were in the lead. He ran SO fast that everyone else in my team were afraid to stop him in case they might get hurt. Eventually I got fed up with him scoring touchdown after touchdown. I told my team to huddle. Which got people to raise their eyebrows 'cos of course, it was only PE. But I went crazy, lah. As usual. I gave my team a pep talk. I was all, "C'mon! We have to CRUSH them!! We can catch up!". The rest of the team laughed. It wasn't the response I had expected but at least it lifted their spirits. So, the game resumed and the opposing team had the ball. They ran to our area and I ran with all the strength and speed my legs could muster (which isn't much after weeks of being a couch potato). I managed to catch up to the dude and reached out to tap him. My fingers brushed against his back (this was as far as I could reach 'cos he was SO fast). Usually, we don't even feel the tap and keep on running. So, naturally I thought that I hadn't tapped hard enough and thought he would keep running. WRONG!! He suddenly stopped dead in his tracks while I, who thought he would keep running, continued running. I couldn't register his sudden stillness and couldn't stop in time. You all can guess what happened next... Embarassment. I TOTALLY crashed into him, like full on 'BAM!!' kin of crash. But since he was so buffed and huge, he was the one who stood his ground and barely moved an inch as I crashed into him. So basically, I bounced off of the dude like a giant basketball against a wall. And naturally, in classic Sharifah-fashion, I fell on my ass. He asked if I was okay. I was all, "Oh, yeah. I'm PERFECTLY fine!!" eventhough my ass felt like it was gonna explode. Then, he passed the ball to his team mate and helped me up. MEanwhile, after he passed the ball, his team scored.

Great going, Hanan. You saved the team! NOT!!!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is PRECISELY why it's SO hard for me to be low-key and cool. HOW can I be cool when these stupid things, worthy of being in a sitcom, are happening to me on a daily basis?!! HOW, I ask you?! Anyways, that's all I'm gonna say for now. I'm off to watch Ugly Betty!! The ONLY person in this world who's klutzier than me. And she FICTIONAL. Figures.

Alrighty! More later peeps! =)

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