Laughter is the Best medicine

4:52 PM

There are SO many reasons why my life story should be made into a TV comedy series. And let me tell you, people. It would be a HIT!! Or maybe if that's not possible, it would at least make for a very funny read. I don't mind laughing at myself, 'cos I don't really take myself seriously anymore. It's really liberating. And it's those funny moments that really make my dull life bearable to live out.

Like for instance, this morning, I was sitting on the couch in front of the TV with my sis. We were watching The Australian Open Men's tennis finals at Melbourne on Channel 5. Of course, tennis totally rocks and even watching the game sets my heart racing. Especially the men's tennis. NOT because there are MEN or like hot guys or whatever (if there were any, it would definitely be a bonus). But because Men play tennis way faster and harder than women do. Their shots are more precise and faster and the competition level is SUPER high. Even with the nail-biting action, it still could do with a little boost in entertainment. 'Cos the men are usually silent when they play. Unlike the women who scream at every shot they make (especially Maria Sharapova who sounds almost orgasmic while serving the shots), my sister and I decided to fill in on what they're saying. The camera just records them with their mouths moving when they miss a shot or make a fault. You don't actually hear what they're saying. Obviously, it's 'cos they were probably cursing like crazy after losing a point to the apponent. So, here's how the morning coversation with my sis went.

Sis: Is that guy from france?
Me: Yah. Although, he looks like Muhammad Ali (refering to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga).
Sis: Then the other guy?? Russia? Got SRB beside his name. Fra is france. So SRB is...
Me: South Republic of Bangalore. Duh.
Sis: *laughs* You bluff, lah, Kakak!
Me: Doesn't he look like an indian? Like abit?
Sis: Actually, yah... *confused*
Me: Ah-ha!
(at this point mum screams from the kitchen)
Mum: Don't teach your sister nonsense! SRB is Serbian Republic.
(Sis throws a pillow at me)
Me: Serbia, Bangalore... What's the difference?
(TV shows a shot of the French tennis player screaming as her commits a Double Fault in mute)
Sis: *laughs* They censor, ah, Kakak?
Me: Actually, they don't even need to censor, lah. He's probably cursing in French. SO no one will understand anyway. Like right now he's screaming, "CROISSANT!! BAGETTE!!! DELIFRANCE!!! MONA LISA!! HOLY EIFFEL TOWER!!!"
(at this point both of us are laughing like shit)

And from then, we just kept filling in whenever they started screaming. Also, another funny, but utterly humiliating thing that happened to me recently. Have you ever been so lost in your thoughts that when something startles you, you blurt the first thing that came in your mind, which just happens to be your deep thoughts? Well, it happened to me recently. I was off to buy some groceries for my mum and since I was by myself, I mostly stoned and thought about Oprah. 'Cos she did this show on Breast cancer. It was really touching and heart-warming. So, I was just thinking about how great Oprah is and imagining how awful breast cancer is when this guy bumped into me and I almost dropped my phone 'cos I was holding my groceries. I was so startled that I immediately shrieked, "Holy Oprah Breast!!".

Yes. Holy freaking Oprah breast.

The dude just stared at me weird and walked off. It was then I realized that OTHER people in the Yishun mrt station were looking at me weird too. DARN, my stupid loud voice. DARN IT ALL!!!!! So, I just let my hair fall over my face and I practically RAN home. It was humiliating but I managed to laugh at it now. Things like this happen and it's better to just let it roll off my back.

Besides, that nothing really interesting happened. Except me going out with all my Playmaker girlfriends!! And also going out with my Hottie clan consisting of Joey and Diyanah. I'll post all our cool pics soon!

Anyway, I'm off! Talk to y'all real soon. =)

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