27 Standing Ovations

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Anyways, I think I've forgotten to say this in my previous post but I'll just say it now then. Better late than never, right? A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all you people who did extremely well for your O's!! I know y'all worked hard and you guys totally deserved them. Besides, you guys are such geniuses! Anderson is still Band 1. Yay!

I'll just continue from where I left off yesterday. About 27 Dresses, the plot is about this girl who is such a major pushover. She has problems saying 'no' to people. Her name is Jane and she's supposed to be this Plain Jane character. So much so that she's been a Bridesmaid 27 times. Okay, honestly, I find that hard to believe 'cos Jane is SO BLOODY pretty!! She's not like stick thin but she's slim and she has the freshest and most sincere smile ever. If I was a guy, I would SO ask her out, lah. Anyways, so apparently, she's this plain Jane and she's the world's most perfect maid of Honour 'cos she can take over like the entire wedding plans. Basically, she's the perfect wedding slave. Also, she's in love with her Boss. So, she's kinda everyone's go-to girl but she totally neglects herself. Until finally she finds herself planning for her YOUNGER sister's wedding to the love of her life (aka Her Boss). Eventhough planning the wedding will be absolute torture for her, she still refuses to say no. In comes James Marsden (whom I have fallen in love with ever since Hairspray), who plays Kevin, a newspaper journalist who specialises in the wedding section of the paper. The ironical thing here is that Kevin is this total cynic when it comes to love and weddings. So, he doesn't believe in anything that he puts on paper and desperately wants to get out of the wedding section to report on 'REAL' stories. His big break would be to write about the Forever Bridesmaid and Never a Bride named Jane. It'll be like an Oprah special or something. What he didn't count on was that the Pathetic, Loser of a Bridesmaid is actually this SUPER PRETTY and really nice girl. So, he had a dilemma. Oh, and he sorta fell in love with her. Haha!

I can't spoil anything for you guys but I highly recommend this movie. Even to the dudes around the world 'cos this isn't your average Chick Flick. It has a rather 'Friends' cum 'Ugly Betty' sort of feel to it. The jokes are hilarious and it's not at all sappy and tear-jerky. It's fun for both sexes. PLUS, for you girls out there... JAMES MARSDEN IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!! He has the most amazing blue eyes but the best part of him is his smile which honestly, can light up an entire room. It's so... heart felt. I can't smiling along with him everytime he smiles. And he looks really good in this movie. Like WAY better than he did in X-Men and Hairspray. And for the dudes, Katie Hiegl (if that's her name, I think so...) is like CRAZY pretty. She doesn't wear much make-up throughout the entire movie, but that just made her even MORE pretty. 'Cos she looks so fresh and approachable. I love her eyebrows (yes, no matter how weird that sounds) and lips.

Okay... before, I sound any weirder, I better change the subject. So, I hope you guys have made your choices for y'know... your future. Oh, gosh! I think it's kinda sadistic that we have to make such an important decision that will impact our future most definitely at such a young age. It's crazy. You have to choose whether to pursue your dreams in poly or move to the safer route through JC. And then, you still have to further choose which college or Poly you wish to go. Seriosuly, lah, damn stressful! As you all know, I suck (and I really mean SUCK) at making decisions. I mean, it takes me at least a WEEK to decide whether to buy the Esprit Tote Bag or the Ripcurl bagpack and they want me to decide my FUTURE over the weekend?? HONESTLY!! (by the way, I decided to buy both 'cos they offer different purposes and eventually, I'll need to use the other one. YOU SEE what I mean about me making decisions?!!) I was completely stressing out at home thinking of what to do and where to go. Eventually, I just did what I do best which is to go with the flow. I just did what my mum thinks is best for me. She's usually never wrong anyways. So, whatever it is, lah. Stupid decisions for the future! HAH!! I made my decision super fast and I'm kinda proud of that. Usually, it'll take weeks. But HAH!!

Okay, tomorrow will be a good day! I can totally predict that 'cos I'll be out shopping and window shopping with my Hottie friends Diyanah and Joey! Keetha, if you're reading this, we SO HAVE TO go out soon! Jen, Dinah and Priya, you guys too!!

Alrighty, my time's up. I gotta go! Till next week, my friends! =)

Have a fab week ahead!

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