O'level Attacks.

5:13 PM

As the whole world knows, the O'level results for 2007 are out. I don't really wanna talk much about it 'cos I bet everyone else will be talking about it as well. It was probably the single most stressful day of my entire life. I cannot bare to rip that envelope and see my entire future printed out in a number which will count for everything later on. HOW can the government apply SO much pressure into this one number just baffles me. But that's the reality of it. And I was terrified to death that day.

I met up with Diyanah and Sharleen that morning with my eyes dark 'cos of my complete lack of the sleep the night before. Everyone was all smiling and excited, anticipating their results. I think Diyanah and I were the only ones who were about to pee in our pants at any moment. The principal showed us the msg and things and not everyone qualified for a JC. I kept thinking, what if it was me. I was going crazy in my head. All I kept thinking was the magnitude of what this little number can impact on my life. I told my mum that I really wanted to get into a Poly 'cos the people and atmosphere there is like a million times better than JC. I've been to almost every Open House there is and I have to say, the poly life and poly people are SO friendly and they really make you comfortable. But wherever I may go, it all depens on my results, right? Then, when all the talking was over, I thought my life would be over. The teachers started passing out the results slips. As my turn came closer and closer, I thought my heart was about to disintegrate in my chest. I was breathing so hard and my hands were clammy and cold. I could hear loads of my friends and school mates screaming in joy and punching the air with content. I couldn't bear the pressure. I just forced myself to look down and not look at anyone in the eye. I couldn't take it. I just couldn't. I simply stared at the Hall floor like a retard with the palest and sickest expression on my face. When it was my turn, I told Ms Leow to not show it to me. She just nodded and handed me the result slip with my grades face down. God Bless you, Ms Leow. Or else I probably would have DIED of a stroke right there in front of her. I grabbed all the little thingys plus the yearbook and just covered my face with the phamplets and yearbook. I practically ran to my bag. Diyanah's face totally reflected mine. Everyone was ripping open their envelope in anxiety and anticipation. I can't even TOUCH the envelope without my stomach doing the most spectacular back flip. I thought I was gonna vomit right there in the hall. Which would be extremely embarassing and everyone would forever know me as 'The Girl Who Threw Up At The Results'. So, I just stuffed everything in my bag and ran out of the hall.

But not before Diyanah and I gave a hug to Mrs Ashari who was the only teacher who really understood us. Then, both of just ran away from school before anyone could realize where we had gone. This is 'cos we won't be able to actually ANSWER them when they ask, "How'd you do?". We ran to Suntec City and sat down for a cup of coffee to calm ourselves before we opened our envelopes...

I did okay. Pretty good, I suppose. But I can't get into the JC of my dreams. Still... I suppose it was okay. =)

Enough of that wretched day. The day after that was like SO much better!! Diyanah and I went out to watch 27 Dresses. It TOTALLY ROCKS!!! Ohmygod, I love chick flicks. I almost forgot how much I love chick flicks until yesterday. The best part about 27 Dresses is that it's completely believable. It isn't too fairy taley or too good to be true romance. The chemistry is believable and the situations are believable. Also, the movie is hilarious!! There aren't many slapstick jokes. It's mostly witty lines that are so funny. Plus, James Marsden is SO, SO, SO hot. He plays this reporter...

Oh, gosh! My mum is yelling at me to get ready. Apparently we're going out to have dinner soon. Okay, I'll gush more about 27 Dresses tomorrow. You won't want to miss it.

More later, peeps! =)

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