What this Girl wants is... Logan.

6:01 PM

This week was really eventful. I watched two horror movies and have decided that me and horror movies... Yeah, we don't go together. I spent most of the movie with my hands over my face and peeking through the opening of my fingers and screaming my lungs out in the cinema. Thank God, Diyanah was there to scream with me! Oh, another weird thing I did this week was to help out with Diyanah's brother's project which happened to be this music video of Christina Aguilera's "What a Girl Wants". Diyanah askd a whole bunch of girls to help out.

So, I met up with Diyanah, Yoke Cheng and Sharleen and made our way to NYP to help her bro out. We had no idea what we were in for. Diyanah said that they needed extras so, I thought I'd be one of those people in the background, pretending to not know what's really going on and stuff. It was a tad bit later when we found out that we had to DANCE in the music video. I was thinking, "HOLY SHIT!! I'm gonna have to humiliate myself in front of the camera. Well, there goes NYP as one of my options in the future. They'll forever know me as the Girl Who Looked Like She Was Having A Convulsion In That Music Video." Then, I tried to think positive. I was thinking, you know, maybe it's just simple steps and like just swaying to ther song or something. Of course, I was wrong. It was all dancy and cheoreographed quite nicely. Sharleen was wearing heels and had to practise bare foot 'cos she obviously couldn't dance in those platform heels. Yoke Cheng was trying her best to get the steps right and so was I. Oh, God! We were so totally stressing out. Plus, I was all sluggish from the shock of waking up so early. My body was SO not used to waking up at 7am. I practically slept through the practice. But I got the steps down, eventually. 'Cos the cheoreographer was WAY patient with me! And the next thing I knew, we were out on this carpark shooting the video. I hope we all did okay. And the experience wasn't THAT awful 'cos I've met some really nice people. They were all really easy to talk to and really hilarious people. So, it made the whole 'dancing' thing much better for me. Besides, Diyanah's elder brother, Daniel was kind enough to lend me his laptop that day when I hung out at Diyanah's house and this HUGE packet of Nescafe coffee which I've been drinking. So, I thought I kinda owe him.

The two horror movies I watched were One Missed Call and Body #19. One Missed Call was DAMN anti-climax and there wasn't even an ENDING!!! But the other parts of the movie was pretty good. Body #19 was just sick. SICK. SICK. SICK. It was WAY gross. WAY twisted. WAY, WAY sick. But I know all you seasoned horror movie watchers will be all, "That movie is SO not scary. The ghost was so fake and the story was so lame. Blah-blah-blah." The point is that it was WAY scary for me, especially in Vivo City's super loud sound system. It was seriously creepy.

Oh, and I watched Hwa Chong's 'Hungry' play with Jenny. Yes, it was the play which ATC put up for SYF years ago. No comments on that... Jenny knows what I'm talking about. =P Oh, god, I miss acting and performing SO much. I miss thinking in my character's perspective. I miss rehersing. I miss thinking deeply about what it all means. I miss singing. I miss dancing. I miss everything so much.

Okay, I'll talk more tomorrow. Right now, it's Ouran High School Host Club and the Heroes marathon on Star World.

Ciao! =)

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