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Bali Adventure (part 2)
7:33 PM
Saturday, January 12, 2008
This would be a continuation (Is that spelt correctly? God, my English is getting so bad) of my last entry. Once again, I am doing this under a short limit of time due to my mum's house rules. Yes, even during the holidays, I am allowed only a certain amount of time on the com. And it isn't really alot so if there're any typos and weird grammar things, it is NOT my fault. My English isn't that bad... yet.

Alrighty, where did I left off? I think it was the whole Hard Rock Hotel Megastore thingy. The place totally rocks, lah! It has racks and racks of the coolest things and the coolest clothes. Only, the prices are equally mind-blowing. But Hard Rock doesn't just have a hotel AND a Cafe. It had a pool too, apparently.


The entrance fee to the pools were also y'know... mind-blowingly expensive. So, we decided not to waste our time splashing around some pools and go do more sight-seeing instead. We had to maximise our time there anyways. Pools are international. BUT I still managed to squeeze in some time to take a little picture. HAHA!! Whatever, cam-whoring is a very healthy part of sight-seeing anyways. So sue me.



Isn't that gorgeous? It's a special memorial put up for all the victims of the Bali bombings which occured... erm... afew years ago. I was so amazed by the whole thing. It was SO huge and majestic. With all the intricate carvings on white stone. And the names of the victims are all written in gold. It's a really beautiful thing to be put up, in memory of beautiful people.

Then, after seeing all these nice sights. We went... shopping!! Y'know, just for little trinkets, nothing MAJOR of anything. Okay, I can't help myself. I am at the favourite part of the entire trip. Bali is THE BEST place to shop. Especially at the end of the year 'cos there are like a million warehouse sales and everything is like WAYYY cheap!!! The best thing about Bali is that surfing brands such as Ripcurl, Billabong and Quiksilver are like a gazillion times cheaper than Singapore. The driver even brought us to this Ripcurl warehouse sale and I almost had a SEIZURE at the prices they were selling at!!! Slippers for 7 bucks, Shirts for 10 bucks!!! It wasn't heaven but I think it come PRETTY close. I went crazy for all the surfer goods. I bought myself some ripcurl shirts, bagpacks and some souveniers for my friends. I could've spent hours and hours there if it were not for my mum practically dragging me from the warehouse. Or else, we won't have enough time for sight-seeing. HELLO!! Isn't this sight-seeing enough?! Ripcurl bagpacks selling for 12 dollars is DEFINITELY a sight worth seeing in my books. But apparently, my mum and I didn't really see eye-to-eye on that matter. So, we went for more sight-seeing and doing all the tourist-y things.


One of the tourist-y things we did was to go for this thing called a Banana Boat. Whereby we sit on this long float and they pull us with a speed boat all over the water. It started out super fun! Eventhough I was a tad bit worried 'cos I'm kinda afraid of the water. We told the dude who was manouvering our Banana Boat NOT to capsize us 'cos we didn't really bring a change of clothes and... y'know, I'm terrified of the water. Either the dude was deaf or the wind whistling in his ears caused him to be temporarily deaf, either way, he didn't seem to hear us and TOTALLY capsized the boat. One moment I was screaming and having fun with the wind blowing through my hair, the next thing I know my head was underwater and I breathed in a whole bunch of sea water. It was so SUDDEN!! I barely had time to react or anything. I was SOOO gonna panic. But I told myself to calm down 'cos I had the life-jacket and what-not. So, I peeled my hands off the rope thingy which I was holding on to while riding the boat and surfaced the water. GOD! There was water up my nose and everything. The first thing I thought was, "HOLY SHIT!! I am wet. And I have no clothes to change into. I will kill that deaf dude." My aunt's friend was totally panicking and stuff. But I did my best to stay calm. In fact, I was kinda proud of myself. I even pulled myself up the boat without the deaf dude's help. Wooh! That's right, Sharifah Hanan is an independent woman. Then, I yelled at the guy to buy us a set of clothing. I mean, we TOLD him not to capsize the freaking boat. He just laughed and thought that I was joking or something. So, I was thinking, is this guy deaf AND blind?! Can he not see from my face that I was being completely serious?! But whatever, I didn't wanna deal with him and his friends were wolf-whistling at me for some stupid reason. So, I just ran away, soaking wet.


This would be me, soaking wet and getting my hair braided. I've always wanted to do that. I asked the ladies to do just half of my hair so that the front will be all cool and Alicia Keys-like and the back would be beads plus, my normal hair. It was kinda painful (plus I was still pissed at the Deaf Dude.) But it turned out totally awesome!! I felt all R&B and what not. Even Sean Paul would be jealous.


The rocks close to the sea! And me pretending to be Wonder Woman. Although not nearly as sexy and hot as her, but the pose worked.

Anyway, towards the end of the trip things went pretty bad. The area we were in was on tsunami alert. And everyone was supposed to avoid our area (Kuta) at all costs. Unfortunately, that was where our hotel was. And the worst part was that it was a beach bungalow and thus, it was by the beach. That night, there was this MASSIVE storm. The wind was BLOODY strong. Trees were bent-over and lights were going off due to electricity cables snapping. And the worst part was that I could see the huge waves crashing against our hotel. Everyone was panicking and evacuating the hotel. My mum immediately told us to go pack all our things and said that we're leaving this hotel NOW. So, we started throwing stuff into our luggage and checked-out of our hotel. There were a bunch of people in the lobby. All of them were checking out and getting the hell out of the place. Luckily, we had the bestest and nicest driver in the world. He drove all the way to our hotel in the storm at midnight. He drove us to this hotel further away from the shoreline and on higher ground. Plus it was close to the airport. And so, the next day, we flew to Jakarta, just to be safe. Before heading back to Singapore from Jakarta. I honestly thought at that moment that I was going to die. 'Cos if a tsunami did occur, I would be the first to die due to my lack of swimming abilities. But thank GOD, all of us came home safely.

Enough of bad memories. Let's just end with afew last pictures we took before we left for Singapore.



I love my family!! =)

Anyways, that about it. I think I forgot some details 'cos, that's just who I am. I'm a freaking forgetful person. I gotta go rady!