Dark Days of Potato Couching

6:44 PM

I tell you, this whole blog changing thing is SO bloody difficult!! Which is why I've changed my blogskin yet again. Hope that this one sticks with no weird malfunctions along the way like other one. I really like this skin muchos! It's so sweet and absract. =)

Right-o! I am BACK blogging people. But my usual times. Since my mum insists that eventhough it's the holidays the house rules still hold up and that I can only go online and use the com during the weekends. Sheesh! You would think that she would loosen up after the Os are over and all. But naturally, not my mum. Haha! It's actually 'cos she doesn't want the electricity bill to hike up. Unlike my phone bill. I got like the hugest lecture of my entire friggin' life. But it's cool. Now, I'm gonna be more careful about my phone usage. Like I am with my money... HAHAHAHA!! SO NOT!! I can't believe I just said that I was good with money. Spending money more like. But being left with only four bucks to survive on for the rest of the year has taught me the values of... suffering? And saving, kind of.

Anyways, I hope that the holidays are working out better than mine is working out for me. I'm just laying around at home, pigging out and watching an unhealthy amount of TV. This is NOT right, people! NOT RIGHT!!! Rotting at home was NOT part of my 'Things to do after O'levels list'. I am gonna gain like a massive-o amount of weight, lah. Duh-uh! Which reminds me of a conversation I had once with my mum during my dark periods of loving food too much. (Which Oprah said was a way for me to hide my feelings and trying to make myself feel better by binging on foods and such. Yes, Oprah totally ROCKS!! I don't care what they say about her and her fluctuating waist line)

Mum: WHAT is THAT? I thought you were eating healthy!
Me: Yah, it's a healthy salad! SEE!
Mum: Don't talk nonsense with me, girl. It's nothing but meat! What kind of salad is that?
Me: A meat salad, duh!
Mum: A salad is supposed to have vegetables in them.
Me: *pokes at some lettuce leaves* See! Got veggie, what!
Mum: *sigh* Sometimes, I dunno what to do with you.

Yes, those were my extreme unhealthy days of chocolate and meat. I would me spitting out carrots sticks which my mum had forced me to eat for a healthy snack. CARROT STICKS, I TELL YOU!! Did she want me to turn into The Thing from Fantastic Four or something? But I have now realized that it was for my own good or else, I would've been a vegetable hater. And I would lose out on all the veggie goodness. But now, I am extremely worried that I'm rivetting back to my dark days of potato couching. Which would be BAD!! I must engage myself in vigorous activities and such. Perhaps instead or WATCHING the TV, I should like LIFT it or something. You know, get my adrenaline and muscles working??

Umm... Maybe that's not such a good idea. I may snap my spine.

Anyways, my time is almost running out. I'm gonna have to go like right now. Maybe I can have my meat salad for dinner today. HAHA! Yeah, right. My mum would whack me with a frying pan, lah.

Tata for now, people! =)

There is no more room
The walls are closing in
No room for regrets
None for my dreads
It's just me and my sins today.

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