Cam whore/Misery Business

6:27 PM

Well, practically everyone has a job now. Everyone that is except ME! Eventhough I like applied for 10 jobs. Still no call. Still nothing. And while everyone works hard and gets at least SOME sort of income, I shall be rotting at home with FOUR STINKIN' BUCKS to last me the rest of the stinkin' year!!!

Phew! I'm glad I got that out. Ah, well. I suppose things could be worse so I'm not thinking too much about it. I'm just thankful for my friends who has helped me fill up all my free time with fun. I thought I was gonna die of boredom at home but then again, I'm friends with people like Keetha and Diyanah. So, my holidays can never actually BE that boring. For instance, just this week we had a movie marathon at Keetha's place. We surpised Keetha with some birthday presents and watched a TON of movies. By we, meaning Gaya, Fiona, Diyanah, Priya, Keetha and me. We watched License To Wed (which was dead funny) and cry_wolf. I LOVE watching thrillers with them! I'll always scream at those tense and suspense-filled moments and then, it will cause this whole chain reaction whereby Fiona will scream. Then, priya, Then, Keetha. Then, Gaya. Then, we all scream together while Diyanah and I laugh our lungs out. It was hilarious! Of course that would result with Fiona whacking me to death on the sofa. But it was worth it, shocking them. I did it afew times. HEHE!! =P

After we watched all those movies, we went to Keetha's room and raided her wardrobe. We started cam whoring like crazy while dancing to the music from Keetha's computer. It was major FUN!! It was like a slumber party without the slumber, lah. Here are the pictures.

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Actually, it was Keetha and Diyanah who started the whole cam whoring thing. I suppose I should thank them for all the funny pictures I have to remember them by. HAHAHA! And STILL, no matter how spastic they try to be, they STILL LOOK so darn photogenic!

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Here's Diyanah the movie star with Gaya the Bodyguard. Keetha is the crazed fan! I LOVE this picture. Damn funny!

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Keetha looks like some male Tamil Star and I'm supposed to be the coy Indian heroine. Man, I think I have shamed Bollywood.

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Mirror whoring! It rocks! And I love Keetha's christmas hat. It's so damn cool. I love christmas season.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is SO true. Enough said. =P

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Santa and his hot elves. They're pretty tall though, for elves. HAHA!!

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Keetha sees a future filled with GOLDEN things and dandruff. HAHAHAHAA!! Kidding, Diy! =P

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That's me and Gaya copying the pose Joey and I did during prom 'cos we had the whole suit thing. It's DAMN accurate!! Gaya's me, by the way. Although, Joey isn't that short, lah. HAHA! =P

Anyway, I'll blog more tomorrow. See y'all later! =)

(emsseay keliay eshay owsknay oyuay remoay enthay i oday)

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