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4:34 PM

December 11 will be the GREATEST DAY of MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!! And I not even close to joking. If you don't know what I'm talking about. Then you must be living under a rock OR you happen to be a troll and thus, living under a bridge. December 11 is MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE'S one night only concert. Which I obviously am going going for since I have been a fan of their music since forever. Though I don't exactly show it. I know that you all know it. HAHA!

Which is why Diyanah and I went to Clark Quay yesterday to get ourselves a Queue Jump pass. So that we'll be right in front of the stage and have the BEST view of the concert. 98.7fm was giving out all these passes for all those who bought the most expensive ticket. But we had to be there from 8pm to 9pm at Clark Quay and follow the Black Paraders. At first, Diy and I thought it was gonna be some sort of Roadshow or something with performances or a contest of some sort. So we cam there like SUPER early to be first in line for the passes. Yes, people, we really love MCR and we aren't ashamed of it. So, HAH!! Unfortunately, we got mixed up with Boat Quay and Clark Quay and ended up in Boat Quay at first. So then we took the train and rushed to Clark Quay. Later we realized that we could've just walked from Boat Quay to Clark Quay!! It was a TOTAL waste of our EZ link card money. Jeez! But nevermind. What's done was done and the most important thing for us was to be there on time. Fortunately, we were early. So, we walked around the whole Clark Quay looking for a stage or a SIGN or ANYTHING that is related to 98.7FM. Instead we found this stage set up for some strange Irish band. We walked for HOURS all over Clark Quay from one side of the river to the other. We kept walking and searching and wlaking until our legs were wobbly and our feet was screaming. Not to mention Diyanah was already hangry (yes, that's right. Hangry. She was hungry and angry. It's a brutal combination) and I was PARCHED from all that walking around aimlessly.

Finally, we just sat at the bridge and listened to the radio for clues to WHERE they Black Paraders could be parading. Diy kept thinking that they'll somehow rise from the bottom of the river. HAHA! So, after walking aimlessly for like 2 hours, we almost gave up. We decided to get a drink. And since everything in Clark Quay is so bloody expensive, we went to 7eleven and looked around. It was a cramped and small shop. I went to the ice-cream section to find something cold and sweet to nibble on. All of a sudden, Diyanah just grabbed my shoulder! I was HOLY SHIT! What was this girl DOING?! I thought she was mad or something 'cos I was only asking her what flavour ice-cream should I choose. Then she started spurting all these random things, "Hooters!! Shan!! M.O.S!!" It was then that I realized that she was telling me the location of the Black Paraders. I immediately slammed the freezer door, grabbed her hand and ran. Why, you ask? It's 'cos the DJ said that there were loads of people there already. So, we didn't want to miss out. We just RAN like shit. We asked around and finally found Hooters and the place all the MCR fans were coagulating. Turns out, it wasn't a road show or whatever. It was just a bunch of wackily dressed people. At first, I thought like WHOA! Those people are like damn anthu about my chemical romance. Some had their faces painted like skulls. Some had the Black Parade costume and so on. Turns out THEY were the ones who were giving out the passes!! That's why they dressed like that. To stand out from the crowd so that they'll be spotted. So, we went up to one them and we showed them our ticket and TADA!! We got our passes!! WOOOOOHHH!!

Then, this lady with a camera came and asked if we wanted to show off our tickets and take a picture. At first I was like... Uhhh, maybe not. 'Cos my face was DAMN oily and sweaty from all that running we did. But then she said that it was for the BAND!! GERARD WAY IS GONNA SEE MY PICTURE!!!! I was like HOLY SHIT!! I just pushed my hair back and gave the camera my most bitchiest look. 'Cos that was what the lady wanted. It was the whole, show-off, Ha-ha! kind of thing. I didn't look that good, especially beside the super photogenic Diyanah. But whatever! Gerard will see ME!!

That's about it then. We just made a trip to Esplanade for a moment. Visited Popcorn pop and Mrs Fields. I was looking for The Golden Compass merchandize. I am SO buying the Golden Compass. I love the book and I'm pretty sure the movie's gonna be hot. Unfortunately, they haven't gotten any yet. Only posters. So, I'm gonna wait around and give that shop another visit abit later on.

Anyways, I got nothing much else to say. Except that I love bathing. I completely forgot how much I LOVE taking a bath. I never got the chance to enjoy it since there was school before and I always had to rush through the bath. But now, ever since the hols, I get to FULLY enjoy my bathtime with my hot water and awesome body stuff. And it just got better after I bought my Rich Plum Body Shop Shower Gel!! Ohmygosh! It smells sooooooo good! And it's so festive. It makes me feel all christmasy. I know I don't actually celebrate Christmas. But I really love the Christmas season. With the Christmas sales and decorations! It always puts a smile on my face.

That's all for now. Have a great week, people! =)

So give them blood, blood, gallons of the stuff!
Give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough.
So give them blood, blood, blood.
Grab a glass because there's going to be a flood!

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