Prelims suck eggs

6:33 PM

I HATE PRELIMS!! I hate everyhing to do with it and I wish that it's just GONE. Stupid, stupid prelims. It just makes me feel so stupid. Like I am so incompetent. I'm so unable to sit down an study. And now I just realized that I'm probably not going to qualify for the first three months at the rate that I'm going so... I officially feel like crap. No WORSE than crap. What's crappier than crap? Well, whatever it is, that's me. Over there, waaaayyyyy down in the intelligence pyramid. I'm even lower than the turkey. And that's saying something since they are scientifically proven to be the dumbest animals on earth. And I'm BELOW that. Or maybe I should be compared to the sloth since they are the slowest and laziest animals on earth. Since I can't even get off my butt to study harder. Pfft.

Well... my doom will be set on Monday, 10th of September. You will see a corpse walking to school and a coffin walking back from school and back home. And by the end of the two weeks of utter torture than will suck my ego and emotion and faith bare, you will see Sharifah as mere ashes. Basically... I'm doomed.

To all of you who CAN make it. Kudos and good luck! =)

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