Shoes for my Soul

6:43 PM

Okay, let me give a piece of advice to everyone out there. DO NOT go window shopping just to see the stuff that you didn't get. If you don't get what I mean, I'll give you an example. Just today I decided to go around Northpoint and see what I can possibly get for the teachers next week. (Yes, by myself. But in my defence, this window shopping trip was strictly an errand... sort of) So, I started going around all the shops and while I was thinking of stuff to buy the teachers, I was also making a mental list of stuff for myself. =P Better to kill two birds with one stone, right? And it's not my fault that somehow, the more shops I went into, it was MY list that grew longer and not the teachers one. Okay, so maybe it IS my fault but to be honest, the teachers were quite difficult to shop for. I told myself firmly that I was to stay clear of Sports shops. But Royal Sporting House seemed to be calling my name and I couldn't resist. However, I didn't feel much heartache. But I knew that if I were to step into Sportslink, I would be depressed. SO, I firmly gave myself a mental note NOT to step inside Sportslink until I am over the whole shoe thing. And so, I went to almost every shop except Sportslink.

But when I was on the top floor, where Sportslink was and I just accidentally looked at it, I could HEAR my shoes calling my name. "Come see me, Sharifah! I miss you. Why didn't you buy me? Buy me please!" it kept calling out to me. And out of my better judgement, I slowly made my way to Sportslink. It was like I was in a trance. I just went straight to my dearest shoe, all dazed and dreamy-like. And THERE it was!! Looking ever so gorgeous and pure on that lovely shelf. So white and glorious, like the first snowflake on top of Mount Kinabalu. Like the delicious icing sugar on the lovely custard doughnut. So white, so pure, so beautiful. I took it in my hands and it was like I was ONE WITH MY SOUL!! They say the owner doesn't pick the shoes, but the shoes that pick the owner. And finally we have found each other! My lovely Nike Shoe.

*sigh* Damn heart pain, lah! I SHOULD NOT have done that. SHOULD NOT!! I ended up leaving Northpoint with an empty feeling at the pit of my stomach. (Maybe it was 'cos I'm hungry, but I'm sure that's not the true reason) I had left my soul, my pure white gorgeous Nike soul at Sportslink. The world is a CRUEL PLACE!!

Anyway, tomorrow's my Bio Parctical. Good luck to all you WONDERFUL Bio students!! Bio students rule! =)

How sweet it is
To be loved by you
(I'm missing you...)

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