Being Back isn't so Good

5:54 PM

And I'm finally back after weeks of Prelims and all that stress. Which unfortunately has taken a great toll on my health. So much so that even the past few prelim-free days have not been pleasant ones for me. Because I am at home vomitting my guts out and being sick beyond measure. Yes, people, it sucks to be me. I bet everyone's all sociallizing and such. Going out and all that after the prelims but not me. No, I decided to get sick after the prelims and suffer just a tad bit more. Actually to tell you the truth, it isn't a laughing matter. I had major difficulty breathing and been vomitting gallons everyday. Plus fever and all that. By Wednesday, my family doctor told me to go to the hospital to get checked and see if the symptoms are actually symptoms of something much worse. And so I had to go to the Accidents & Emergency department of Tan Tock Seng Hopital and got checked up. It was NOT a good experience. They did a urine check, X-ray, EDC and everything. I felt like a specimen. But then, after waiting for the results, I got some medicine and headed back home for the rest of the week to rest. And so, I didn't go to school for the next three days. I stayed at home trying to get better. That may sound like a good thing but no. It is not.

Especially when it turned out that I got worse. Just yesterday night, I spent my night at Tan Tock Seng. My sickness got worse and so, that night itself, my mum sent me to the hospital and I got admitted there for the night. I had to lie down in the Observation Room with this huge needle stuck in my arm and they injected this AWFULLY PAINFUL liquid straight into my veins. And I was nauseous and sick and my eyes were all weird and wonky. I couldn't even focus on things properly. Turns out, it was a negetive side-effect to one of the drugs I took for my previous sickness. You see, I was diagnosed with severe gastritis and then because of the medicine I took for THAT sickness, I received this weird side-effect and got much worse. How ironical ia THAT?! And so, after a really bad night at the hospital, I got back home in the morning and got more rest and now, I'm feeling better. I think I'll be able to go to school on Monday. Hopefully. 'Cos I really miss all my friends. I feel so out of touch from everyone. Apparently, the doctor accounted my very fragile immune system (since I fell sick quite a few times already) because of extreme stress. THERE YOU GO!!! Even the DOCTOR (who, by the way, is never wrong about diagnoses and things like that) said that it's because I'm experiencing too much stress that I 'm fallible. Holy shit! I didn't even KNOW I was THAT stress. Until today. From now on, I vow to not stress too much about things because my health is more important. No matter what all the teachers and principals say.

Okay, I think that's about it today. I'm gonna talk anymore about my awful experience these past few days. I hope I'll get to go out really soon. Happy post-prelims, people! =)

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