6:04 PM

Usually on Sunday, I would type out all these weird and funny things that happen to me throughout the week and I would laugh about them to myself like some psycho maniac. But unfortunately, I can't do that today because I haven't had much fun things happening to me this week besides the fact that I TOTALLY TRASHED Taufiq at the percussions game in Timezone. Just like I TOTALLY TRASHED him in Time Crisis 3. Yeah, mannn!! I OWN!! To bad my little bro doesn't have what it takes to defeat the MASTER (aka ME!!). Hahahaha! I love bragging rights. =P

But I'm just saying that to disturb him. Hahaha! It's ben a long time since I've talked and seen all my friends and I miss them a WHOLE LOT!! I miss all of Keetha's countless stories that she never seems to run out of. And I miss talking to Diyanah about Hot guys and Good Food (the basic things you need in life). I miss talking to Shamini who is always full of advice and always bugging her about how to do my work. I miss witnessing Gaya's Hangman skills and trying to beat her at her own game (which I have yet to do, 'cos she's too good). I miss Halim for too many reasons to say. I miss Taufiq's moronical laugh and his lame jokes. I miss bullying Zhi 'An!!! I miss Akmal's monotone voice and stupid remarks which always gets me laughing. I miss Sharleen's weird comments and all the spastic things she does. I miss Jen and Priya, simply 'cos I haven't seen them in ages and we HAVE to catch up! I miss a whole lot of people.

But on the bright side, I'll get to see them very soon. Tomorrow, actually. And hopefully, I'm well enough and nothing else that's bad will happen to me anymore. Which reminds me, the doctors say that the main cause of all my sickness is STRESS!! Can you believe it?! I didn't even know I was THAT stressed. So, I'm going to take things slow and do little things that will cheer me up and things for me to look forward to and become less stressed. In fact, I will list the down.

1) Go Geylang and visit my dad with all my friends (also get my henna done)
2) Go SNEAKER SHOPPING!!!!! Wooooooohh!!! Converse, baby!
3) Go bag shopping at Orchard
4) Go Geylang one more time to go for Food Shopping and Miscalleneous shopping
5) Go grocery shopping at Cold Storage

Okay, you may not see the fun in the last one but let me tell you. I'm not going to grocery shopping with my mum. I'm going to buy all the lovely things at Cold Storage that my mum don't usually buy for me. Like... cream cheese with onions and chives, tartar sauce, dijonnaise mustard, honey mustard, Soft baked cookies.... Oh, yeah! That will be one hell of a trip.

I just realized that most of my fun activities involves shopping. Hmm... This is a problem. I suppose I could add some sport like Badminton to the list or something. But I dunno if I'll have the time in between all this shopping. It's close to the end of the year. That's when the shopping virus always hits me. Close to the end of the year when Geylang begins and the Christmas sales start. The PERFECT time!!!!!

I may need to seek professional help for this.

Anyway, hope you guys will all have a great week ahead. And all the best for your prelim results! All the best to all of us!

Your voice
Was the sountrack of my summer.
Don't you know,
You're unlike any other.
You'll always be my thunder.
So bring on the rain,
And bring on the thunder.

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