School = Sharifah's DOOM

7:42 PM

My DOOM is impending! It's right behind this corner and I cannot avoid it. School is coming and that equates to the death of Sharifah's spirit. The past few days have NOT been fun for me simply because I am scrambling to finish up my homework. I suppose it is my fault and I probably had this coming. But seriously, even if I did try and sit myself down to do all that work on a FREAKIN' HOLIDAY (and I did try to do that countless times to no avail), I probably wouldn't get much done anyways. How can they expect us to Do all that when that month is supposed to be one of FUN! I know they don't want us to forget what we learnt and for our brains to get rusty but seriosuly, lah. THAT much work dumped on us is NOT a simple practise... It's TORTURE!! I know that some of y'all aren't agreeing with me. Well, those who don't understand my sad, sad cry for help, it's probably because you are either hardworking as hell or really, really smart OR both!

I really don't understand what is my problem. I don't understand why I am so incompetant! Everyone else is working their butt off for the O's which are just a few months away and here I am, totally slacking, having NO motivation whatsoever to pick up a textbook and revise. Or even the motivation to pick up a pen and do my HOMEWORK! What is wrong with me, lah... So anyway, I'm not looking forward to school and I never want the holidays to end. But that's just wishful thinking and reality is never like that.

Hmm... I wanna start a band. Y'know to get my mind of things and keep the stress on the down-low. My band will be ultra cool and the bee's-knees!! Too bad I can't play anything. Except the recorder but no one wants to listen to a recorder band. So, I guess I'll have to stick to my 'badminton band' whereby I use the badminton rackets as guitars and microphones and sing along to rock songs. Yes, WE ROCK!! =P

I don't have much to say today 'cos I haven't done anything these past few days but sit and Burger King all day and finish all my homework. Wish me luck... 'Cos I doubt I can finish anything in time.


The words lay dead in front of me;
The answers; I just cannot see
As life's problems lapped on my life's shore;
Each day I die a little more.

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